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Our Creed

I believe in Zisa, gentle mother, shaper of heaven and earth.
She is the bringer of life, the first blossom that marks the end of winter.
I believe in Tyr, wise father, guardian of the balance,
who fought for our salvation on a thousand worlds, and led man through fire.
I believe in the teachings of our mother, given to man in the first age:
That we should put the good of our brothers and sisters before our own,
so the whole might be made stronger and our world be made whole.
I believe in the teachings of our father, given to man in the second age:
That we should guard ourselves against the shadow,
against greed, and hatred, and envy,
so that the daemon shall find no shelter in our hearts.
I believe that the world is poised on the brink of oblivion,
for the heretic and the daemon are ever among us.
Through unwavering faith we steel our souls,
that no false gods shall again threaten us.
We are the children of the gods,
and we are forever.