Onyxien Family/Our Daughter

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Baby Selena, adopted by King Cenarious and Queen Kisharianda daughter of Count Bowie Ironsides. Selena joins the royal family after Count Bowie decides to offer her to the King and Queen to raise as their own, her biological father seeks to offer her a life of joy and security. Although the Count has a darker side of him due to the influence of his demonic blood the love he has for his daughter brings him to have Selena raised by the woman he admires secretly and loves in his own ways. Kisharianda's vows to raise her with honor and teach her all the wonderful things life has to offer her, giving her the best of education and cared for by the best of caregivers the land of D'Hara has to offer.

King Cenarious spends his evenings playing with Selena and MoMo whom have become great friends, MoMo is very over protective of little Selena and doesn't let anyone he does not know approach her, sometimes even giving a hard time to the caretakers. He watches over her in her afternoon naps making sure the little princess sleep is uninterrupted, and also sleeps at her side in the evening to protect her from harm. King Cenarious has a deep fondness of his little girl and although him and the Count don't see eye to eye on many things he respects Count Bowie for his act of kindness by entrusting him with his daughter.