Of the Plains Family

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The Family of the Plains

Origins and Founding Father

Historical Timeline

Family Members

Currently, there are three family members adventuring in the realm.

Kavish, Knight of Hidale, Cagilan Empire

Kavish, the eldest of the three siblings, chose the to follow his late father's footsteps and defend the realm for King and country. However, due to the many troop leaders in the Cagilan Empire, and the relative peace in the realm, he is still barely blooded, having only faced a few hordes of monsters and undead in battle. Until greater action is seen, he is unlikely to even have move up in ranks.

Melanna, Missionary of The Order

Melanna never had interest in the ways of war like her brothers did, but focused on affairs of the heart and soul. The diplomat of the family, she often made peace between her brothers, and gained a practical education on how to sway people. Fortunately, she seems to have found good use for her talents.
Entering a nunnery in Hidale in her mid-teens, Melanna became well-versed in the tenants of The Order, and became eager to spread the word. Making the pilgrimage from Hidale to the temple at Tarasac, she asked Father Zadar Nargath for permission to become a priest. After interview her, she so impressed the Father that she was accepted.

Shortly after joining, she applied for a position to act as a missionary to the mountains regions of the Cagilan Empire, and to her surprise was accepted. Today, she is wandering the mountains, preaching the word and doing her best to inspire all, commoner and lords alike, to turn to the order.

Hitran, Knight of Wetham, Wetham

Hitran felt his brother a fool for attempting the climb the ladder at home in the Cagilan Empire. Instead, he bordered a ship to the Colonies and the country of Wetham. He participated in the Battle of South Bakker's Wall, his Purple Eye Rangers making a fair showing before retreating with the rest of the army. He hopes to rise in power in the realm, perhaps to Duke or Baron, though such dreams are as of yet far from being realized.