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The contents on this page discuss a possible new feature. It may or may not be ever included in the game, and it may or may not be partially in testing somewhere (usually on the testing branch).
In short, consider this page is a sketchpad of sorts and don't rely too much on things written here until this notice disappears.
-- Tom


Four new attributes are currently being experimented with. They do not yet have any game effects.

The Attributes

The basic idea is that BM isn't a "max your attributes" game. So instead of attributes, why not abandon the concept entirely, and focus on experience directly?

We abstract a little and associate colours:

The colour of blood. For experience in battle.
The colour of the crown, for experience at the court and in diplomatic and political dealings.
The colour of the fields, for administrative and domestic activities.
The colour of the shadows, for infiltration and anything that causes suffering and pain (looting, execution, torture, etc.)


Instead of showing values, the attributes are always displayed as relations. This is to counter the "max out some value" attitude that some players bring in from other games.

So on the info/status page of a character, the relation between the attributes of that character are shown, i.e. how high each is compared to the others.

There is also a comparison to other players, in a more/less way, i.e. you can see if someone else has "more Green" than you do or "less Green". This comparison between characters does use the absolute values, so you can be "more Black" than someone else, even if on your personal chart, "Black" is small and on his personal chart "Black" is huge.

You may publicly display your attributes using this template. Simply insert {{pie|red|gold|green|black|title}} on any wiki page (preferably the corresponding character page), replacing the colors with their respective values and "title" with whatever you wish to name the link. (ie: {{pie|43|7|74|2|Attribute Example}})


Attribute Examples
Red = 43
Gold = 7
Green = 74
Black = 2
Red = 58
Gold = 2
Green = 2
Black = 10
Red = 28
Gold = 38
Green = 10
Black = 4
Red = 42
Gold = 2
Green = 2
Black = 16