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Region Details
Continent located on::Atamara
Region Type is regiontype::City
Geographic Area East Islands
Population population::639
Economy Manufacturing, Trade
Realm part of::(rogue)

About the Region

At the south-east end of Atamara is the beautiful coastal city of Narville.

The city is known for its four great white towers that are made from the best Dorton granite. They are a beacon for sailors at see and a promise for a good meal and safe place for travelers on land.

When you enter the city you will see that they just building a new and bigger wall. Walking under one of the 3 gates its only a short walk to the main square.

There, you will find all the guild houses, and the castle of the duke. If you want some food or entertainment go east to the harbor, there are several pubs.

Also, you will find a bookings office for the ferry to Beluaterra there. and you can wait here for a boat too Dwilight

The weather of Narville is mostly warm and mild, true throughout the year. Maybe that's why the people of Narville are kind and welcome to visitors. They like to talk a great deal and love to hear stories from lands far away.

The city has not seen much fighting in the last few years, only some raiding monsters or undead at the walls. This does not mean that Narville has not suffered in the Atamaran wars. Its children left to serve the army of the kingdom, and at the city center there is a stature to remember them, and every year we hold a festival in their honour.

Marshal of Narville: Lord Giovanni Arkadis

Knights of Narville:

   * Arikas
   * Gerd
   * Giovanni
   * Ironus
   * Karina
   * Rodrik
   * Venderos

History of Narville:

Battle in Narville 18-01-2008 Cagilan Empire vs. Suville Estimated combat strengths: 21000 CS vs. 12000 CS Sir Nuno Freire de Andrade, Minister of Defense of Cagilan Empire, Baron of Sauvia is spotted wielding the Long-Lost Longsword of War. Sir Nuno Freire de Andrade, Minister of Defense of Cagilan Empire, Baron of Sauvia is spotted wearing the Cursed Coat of the Kings. Boba Fett, Count of Avrende is spotted wearing the Brilliant Oil of Beauty. Khaludh Telrunya, Count of Nardil, Marshal of the Eaglin Eagles was captured by Suville forces. Link kildor, Count of Middale was captured by Suville forces. Tsubasa Kurosaki, Count of Hidale was captured by Suville forces. Nimithiel Chyalle (Dame of Narville, Suville) was seriously wounded.

Defender Victory! A great Battle for The kingdom of Suville and it's people