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Laws of the Morek Empire

last updated by Menelaus on 2012-10-10 00:15:49

1. Act for the greater good of Morek, a theocracy of Sanguis Astroism.

2. Those seeking to be eligable for the positions of High Inquisitor, Duke/Duchess or Grandmaster/Grandmistress must proclaim their faith to the Bloodstars in words, as well as actions, or renounce their claim on the desired position.

  • Being a member of Sanguis Astroism is not the only requirement for a ducal seat. Nobles must also demonstrate loyality to Morek, they must be dutiful and actively contributing to he realm. These are only a few of what is to be looked for when deciding upon a replacement for a ducal seat. Exceptions could be made in the event of excruciating circumstances, meaning the heathen who is the superiour candidate in every way imaginable.

3. Aid the High Inquisitor investigations.

4. Agrarian Laws

  • Each Duke is responsible for setting the internal trading price for their Province (Duchy). Internal trading price meaning the price bought and sold within the Empire. This is the Imperial Foodshare.
  • The Coffermaster is responsible for negotiating the external trading price for the Empire. These prices are determined by market and contract. External trading price meaning the price bought and sold outside of the Empire. This is our Imperial Export.
  • Unauthorized trading internally and externally is an offense against the Empire and punishable by fines. Unauthorized trading would mean selling food over the price set by the Duke within the Empire, and/or selling food outside of the Empire without being assigned a contract by the Coffermaster.
  • In times of crises or abuse, the Coffermaster has the authority to override the Duke's Provincial price by issuing an order.
  • Traders are under the supervision of the Coffermaster and will act as the agent of the Empire for export as well as on behalf of the Lords and Ladies of the Empire within the Empire.

5. Those found to be members of the Huntsmen of the Noble Rite will be banned.

This is short because Lawyers are not welcome. We are intelligent nobles. That being said, speaking one's mind is not forbidden in Morek, even if it goes against the church. However, it must be respectful. Critics would be welcome, mockeries and other sort of things, not.