Moon Bay

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Moon Bay
Located on::Dwilight
Part of::(rogue)
is regiontype::Badlands
East Desert


Known for its "Moon Bay" that runs along the Western edge of the region that bears its name. The territory sports small fishing ports on the coastline, and less then sufficient farm lands further inland. Arid wastelands stretch out further east, where the deserts encroach to the south, and the foothills of Smokey Hills begin to the north-east. Deep sand and slick clay impede settlement and cultivation further east. The coast and south-west are affected by loose dry soil with infrequent but intense rainfall. Vegetation is sparse, with only shrubs and grasses clinging to semi-fertile areas near the coast.

The untamed wilds of Moon Bay yet teem with the toughest and most rugged creatures seen in dwilight. Wild goats live of shrubs in the badlands and fern near the coast. These are often prey to bands of monsters that form primitive tribes whilst hiding in the caves. In the west, packs of wolves plague the farms and harass local sheperds, occasionally attacking towns and running amok in the streets. The east is said to contain more sinister creatures of the night, with ogres stomping among the barren hills and lycans lurking in the caves.

Traders often avoid this forsaken place, preferring to go around it through the more civilized region of Thar Gortauth.


The locals live in constant fear of beasts and monsters. Hamlets are usually walled with stone or primitive palisades against the creatures of the night. It is common for fields to be neglected during the day in times when monster sightings are more frequent. Immigrants to Moon Bay are typically the landless classes from the rural areas of Luria: Second sons of farmers, disinherited and without lands to call their own. The proleteriat are drawn to the region by the prospect of free land for settling.


Moon Estuary

Moon Estuary is sited around a cosy Manor that overseas the bay from a cliff. The keep is a Saxon longhouse made with beams of teak. It has a great hall in its fore, where a noble Knight would hold court. Carpets of wolf fur line the approach to the noble's chair. Their lupine forms stretching out in defeat and reverence toward the throne. Tapestries depicting Lurian Lore, hang across the great wooden beams, draping the hall in color and stories. In the centre, a warm hearth is kept burning, ventilated by a small chimney above it. The sides are lined with benches and tables where audiences would wait upon their Noble, and also used to feast guests and soldiers at other times. In the rear are warm comfortable rooms for the Knight's family and some retinue.

The standard of D'Haran Marshal Kay Kinsey, claimed by Sir Jorus Kilstar on the very fields of Moon Bay is draped across the tapestry at the Great Hall.

The Cliff serves as a natural defense for the manor, with its steep slopes impeding ascent, and limiting access to only an inland path. The inland approach is fenced with a simple tree trunk palisade and barred with a strong wooden gate. The fields between the walls and the manor-house can be camped by soldiers in tents, their caravans and other paraphernalia.

The Estate of Moon Estuary covers several fishing villages along the cost, with farms further inland. Fishing settlements are usually small villages around a small jetty or bay, which house barcas or galley type row boats used by fishermen. Other means of living in these villages include net making and repairs, boat construction, and preparation and preservation of the fish stocks.

Agriculture in Moon Bay is focused on arid crops like dates, beans and sorghum. Goats are the most prevalent form of livestock, and are reared en-masse in backyard scavanger systems. Wild goats can also be hunted further inland, on the slopes of the rocky hills and valleys of the badlands. Cash crops are almost unheard off, with most of the population living hand to mouth, though it is rumored that some nobles in the area keep private gardens of cashew nuts.

Moon Keep

Moon Bay Keep is a stone tower built on the edge of the wilds to protect the semi-fertile plains in the east from the terrifying wilderness to its west. Its pining heights offer paranomic views of the coastal plains, towering over all that scrape their existence below, as well as of the vast and bleak expanse of rocky badlands.

A fairgrounds is set up at the base of the keep, which serves as an arbitrary administrative center for the region. Village representatives and significant landholders trek from all corners of the land to gather here whenever the local Lord feels the whim to hold court. An impressive array of stockades, gibbets and gallows line the perimeter of the grounds. In other times, the grounds around the tower are a cantonment for passing troops and militia.