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The proud nobles of the Montrez house originate from the Far East, their family manor not too far from the farmlands of Treror. Once a reclusive bunch that hid themselves from the affairs of the world, the rise of its newest generation soon prompted a change of heart and outlook. These children have now chosen to travel across the world, not only to carry out their own individual dreams, but also to prove the worth of their family name before all others, and leave some sort of legacy for them to bask into.

They do really have a long road ahead of them...

Active Members

Araceli Montrez

Realm: Ethiala, Far East

Title: Dame of Colasan

Class: Hero

Second child of Richter Montrez, the aging patriarch of the Montrez family. A free spirit if there was ever one, Araceli does as she likes and enjoys a good fight like any noble. She first served as a knight of Ikalak in the South-East Island, but soon decided to leave there before the realm's downfall. She then immigrated to Atamara, and later served as a Knight of Oyonniarre in Carelia. The young heroine there was assigned to a specialized army, and took part in many battles under Carelia's flag. The desire for greater things, however, soon overtook Araceli, and so when the sea routes to Beluaterra were opened again she knew where she wanted to go now.

Despite having a few run abouts with the horrors of the land, Beluaterra wasn't exactly as she had hoped it to be. After what seemed to weeks of mindless wandering, Araceli decided to depart from the land while she could, and returned back to her home in the Far East. As her brother Leonair was bed-ridden and essentially retired at the time, it wasn't that much of stretch for her to serve his old realm at his stead.

And so that where she stands now - a knight of Colasan, in service of the realm of Ethiala. Though she currently serves at a time of peace, she is still yet a young noble suited to be called "hero", with many stories of her travels to share with her family and countrymen.

Marrick Montrez

Realm: Astrum, Dwilight

Title: Fiduciary of Astrum

Class: Bureaucrat

The first child of Lester Montrez, and Araceli's cousin. A calm, reflective young man who loves to consider and pursue new avenues of thought at every opportunity. Marrick found his way to Dwilight through a [Sanguis Astroism|strange constellation] that began to call on him since he had sailed off from the Far East. From there, he helped establish the then fledgling order of Morek, and was appointed as its first Coffermaster. Marrick did as well as it was expected from his position, while he continued to learn more about the bloodstars that led him this far.

His tenure was then unfortunately cut short by a rebellion that broke out at some point, which had left him in captivity for a while. Marrick did not chose to reassert his position afterwards, for somehow, he had interpreted this misfortune as a sign from the bloodstars themselves. After a prayer that seemed to last for hours, the young Montrez finally decided to leave his duties to Inkrav Donkeyvich (who temporarily appointed Coffermaster at the time), and commit himself to the establishment of the [Astrum|colony in Libidizedd]. He was truly loathe to abandon his duties like that, but stronger yet was his curiosity to see where the stars would lead him next.=

Marrick Montrez currently serves the young colony of Astrum, trusted once more in the position of coin handling. His talents with the quill and speech have helped him immensely in bringing his realm up to speed, and there's really nowhere else he could go from here but up.

Franco Montrez

Realm: Caergoth, Atamara

Title: Knight of Swanfolk

Class: Knight

A low-key relative in the family lineage, but no less a proud noble of the Montrez clan. He had decided to start his military career in Caergoth, after a recommendation from Claire, but otherwise there is really not much to say about him yet.

Retired Members

Leonair Montrez

Heir apparent to Richter Montrez, and the only one with as much authority over the family as his own father. A honest young man with a drive to better himself and others, Leonair was the first of his generation that took up military service after years of obscurity. He had served as a Knight of Lantzas for most of his career, and then as a Knight of his own homeland after Lantzas fell in the hands of foriegn powers. Throughout his time in the military, he displayed a bit of talent and potential for greater things, but never chose to pursue aspirations beyond his station as a knight.

Leonair was forced to retire prematurely, after the wounds of his last battle complicated into a serious illness. While he has recovered since, he has decided to remain in the Montrez estate, allowing his sister to take his role for now.

Claire Montrez

The youngest of Richter Montrez's children. She served briefly under Caergoth, but was called back into home due to family matters. She is not really retired though, so it may be possible that Claire may return to active service again someday.