Minas Ithil/Ithilian Prisoner Agreements

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Minas Ithil and Darka

Nobles in General

  • Prisoners who have been captured will be held for no more than 3 days then released unharmed and with all their gold. Gold will never be seized. Bans may be imposed.
  • Torture will never be used.


  • Infiltrators who have been captured while attempting or succeeding at an assassination of the members of a nation's council or royalty only would face the harshest possible punishment, excluding torture.
  • Infiltrators caught in any other act, save travel and scouting, may be held up to 7 days, but otherwise are treated as any other noble.


  • Priests seized in wartime will be treated as normal prisoners, except they may be held for up to 5 days.
  • Priests seized in peacetime are subject to local laws.