Mentor lessons

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Mentor lessons

These are the lessons that should be taught to new players.


(Send this message OOC) First lesson I like to start with is the difference between IC (In character) and OOC (out of Character). Each of your characters should have their own personality, and it is important to separate yourself--the player--from your characters.

Try to avoid OOC if at all possible, except for game mechanics type questions (such as "where do I set up my estate?").

Inalienable rights

(Send this message OOC) Rules and Policies Please review this section of the wiki. You should have already read the social contract during the account creation process. The rest is really, really important information for you as a character.

The Inalienable rights are for YOUR protection. The main one is that you can play as much or as little as you like. In particular, you are not required to be logged on 5 minutes before, or 5 minutes after, a turn change to check for orders. Marshals and council members are suppose to work around YOUR activity cycles, not the other way around.

Note that if your character isn't doing his job--this mainly applies once you actually get to be a VIP of some sort--then other CHARACTERS can respond to your CHARACTER failing to do their job. This isn't a free pass to become ruler and then only log on once every 5 days and ignore everyone. It does mean that you can send a quick OOC message that says "going camping for the weekend" and not have people jump all over you.

Realm Background and critical information

(Send IC, and customize for your realm)

Welcome to Realm! We are currently engaged in a war against Enemy. (Describe enemy, and situations surrounding the war)

Ally is our ally. (Describe allies)

Before you go making any large purchases, I suggest you find a liege lord, if you haven't already. Try and get at least 35 gold a week in taxes. Be sure your liege assigns you to the ArmyName.

Formal Address And Oath Negotiations

You should always address a region lord by their title and last name. It's considered good form to do the same with your fellow nobles, although you can be less formal with me. If the person you are addressing has multiple titles, either address them by the most prestigious title they hold (And that order is: Council, Region Lord, Marshal) or address them according to the topic of your conversation--for example, if I am sending a message regarding the disposition of my troops to the marshal of the army, I will address them as marshal, even if they are also a region lord.

You may negotiate with the region lords, as long as you show proper respect and deference. After all, they are getting something from you, it is a two-sided relationship.

Military Recruiting

You will need to recruit all military troops in our capital of CapitalName. The type of troops you command are your choice. I understand that your family has given you a personal guard of (insert unit size/type here), you will want to add about x men to that number. Check with your Military Advisor (Information page, bottom of third column) to determine how much they will cost you, so that you don't spend too much. I expect you will miss our next deployment, so focus on getting a liege.

Paraphernalia can be purchased in a variety of regions. The General's Bulletin has a listing of places to buy paraphernelia. Paraphernelia includes:

• banners--used by cavalry and infantry to organize in the heat of battle

• scouts--can provide detailed scout reports of surrounding regions (or the region you are currently in, or the one you are traveling to). They can also help find shortcuts, saving you travel time. I suggest keeping one, although the general's and marshals say two or three. They will cost you one gold a week.

• healers--I suggest keeping one healer. He will cost you 2 gold every 5 days.

• siege engines--these immense towers and ladders will slow you down a lot, but buy one if you can afford it--it's not easy to climb a sheer wall and swing a sword at the same time.

• carts--used to carry your wounded men away from battle, speeding up your retreat. of course, they will slow down your advance somewhat. I would only get one if you plan on purchasing a lot of infantry

Combat tactics

Follow the orders of your marshal. Typically, your men will be set to either front or middle, aggressive or defensive, and in a line formation. Once they become seasoned, you can switch to a wedge formation to deal additional damage, but understand that they will take additional casualties if you do. Box formation will take fewer casualties, but deal less damage to the enemy at the same time. Always use defensive formations when defending a region with fortifications.