Melhed/History/Age of Betrayal/Republic Census

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A census of all those who were in the Republic until the rebellion's success. There were 37 total nobles. Additionally, rebels and loyalists are recorded, in the order they joined.


  • Cypreana Rossini, leader of rebellion.
  • Qesinna Vasata
  • Aedgar Hamarson
  • Veles Orgauth
  • Vine Reinhart
  • Zathans Bane, arrested Duke Morgan Darby of Agyr (neutral), resulting in huge control losses across Melhed.
  • Vexerius Verrunesch


  • Rah Arya, Consul of Melhed.
  • Baeldigur Ward
  • Albrecht Everland
  • Bimbo Neuropa
  • Yaroslav Rurikovich
  • Black Dragon Master
  • Jet Van Pelt
  • James Cain

Nobility of the Republic

Name Status or Title Social Rank
Albrecht Everland Patrician
Aldo Unti On a journey Senator
Alnus Metsamees On a journey Patrician
Alrukard Armada Priest of the Old Gods Patrician
Andrew Waltfeld Armada Praetor, Senator of Lloringel Senator
Andro Assassin On a journey Patrician
Anubis Darkfire Agyr, fighting daimons Slain
Ariadne Lisieux Lord of Hopidrii Senator
Asterion Arrakis Departed for Bara'Khur Patrician
Balerion Serath Patrician
Barthus Toldor Patrician
Bimbo Neuropa On a journey Senator
Black Dragon Master Imperator, Senator of Bisana Senator
Bob Baceolus Consuasor of Lin Helon Senator
Cypreana Rossini Consuasor of Mhed Senator
Darrin O'Shea Departed for Bara'Khur Patrician
Dorgund Miles On a journey Senator
Dulcinea Den Snodaert In meditation Patrician
Dyan Twix Returned from Grand Duchy of Fissoa Patrician
Echo Drayven Senator of Lastfell Senator
Fafhrd Martius Senator of Bil Havil Senator
Fallan Kwyd Senator of Fallatopia Senator
Fan Cheng Departed for Fronen Patrician
Fey Twix Departed for Atamara Senator
Fomalhaut Woodford Patrician
Gage Six On a journey Patrician
Gitan Bloggs On a journey Senator
Hagalaz Futhark Guilty: Murder Premysl Slain
Han Han On a journey Senator
Henning II Augustus Unfit for Duty, Public Enemy of Melhed(treason) Suicide
Horiv Radigand On a journey Patrician
Jaden Arylon On a journey Patrician
Julia Grimson On a journey Patrician
Jaymes BladeFist Departed for Bara'Khur Patrician
Jefferson Vita Exiled for heresy by One Rogala Rogue
Kayne II Himoura Senator of Crim Senator
Kerrigan BladeFist Priest of the Old Gods, Senator of Rafferty Senator
Koban On a journey Patrician
Kokomaro Rogala Guilty: Treason Slain
Kurewylle Kestrel On a journey Patrician
Leo Abandonas Departed for Old Grehk Patrician
Leona Carver Inquisitor, On a journey Patrician
Londo Mollari On a journey Senator
Louis-Joseph Chénier Teocoatl of The Blood Cult Patrician
Maccus Baceolus Patrician
Marc de Coivos Duke of Fronepu Senator
Mirea Sosiskiy Departed for Fronen Patrician
Miroslav Otakar Patrician
Mithridates Lorganson Departed for Riombara Patrician
Morgan Darby Priest of the Old Gods, Quaestor, Senator of Agyr Senator
Nawat Crowe Priest of the Old Gods Patrician
Omel Fulgor On a journey Patrician
One Rogala Unfit for Duty, Public Enemy of Melhed(treason) Plebeian(as result of being unfit for duty)
Ottokar Fiddler On a journey Senator
Premysl Otakar Senator at time of death Slain
Quillen Vance Departed for Unknown Patrician
Qesinna Vasata Lord of Kannoktet Senator
Rah Arya Senator of Tepmona Senator
Samantha Haine Departed for Far East, Wanted for stabbing Senator Morgan Patrician
Schvenko Atom Lord of Qual Senator
Shalk Morlork Departed for Grand Duchy of Fissoa Senator
Silvianna Pathfinder On a journey Senator
Stark Mandess On a journey Patrician
Solus GreatSword On a journey Patrician
Tan Fulgor On a journey Senator
Tanko Darby Orde, fighting monsters Slain
Terra Astair On a journey Senator
Totharim Uskarik Senator of Trottie Senator
Tsu Sun On a journey Emperor
Vaclav Otakar Priest of the Old Gods Patrician
Veber Klotz Patrician
Vexerius Verrunesch Senator of Rengo Senator
Vine Reinhart Senator of Gor Ault Senator
Willow Rossini Lord of Seven Rivers Senator
Wolfstan HanLi Departed for Fronen Patrician
Ygor Nosferatus Patrician
Zathans Bane Patrician
Zedicius Calen On a journey Patrician
Zul'Jin II Stormreaver Tribune Patrician

This Census as of October 16, 2009.