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Day 11 - Rank Progression

Eston is an old monarchy, and as such several of our troop leaders are very well tenured. You can view the tenure, class, honor and prestige levels of our troop leaders by going to the "Information" section on the left hand side of your screen and choosing "Troop Leader List." Tenure in Battlemaster is measured in days.

Honor is a metric that is gained for doing good things, such as fighting valiantly in battle. Honor is earned more easily than prestige, which is earned in much the same manner. However, just as honor and prestige can be earned, it can also be lost. If your troops leave you, they will spread word of your ill will and your honor, and possibly your prestige, will drop. Other things can lower the number such as having money sent to you by your family. If you are in need of gold, there are other ways to get it such as asking the Council or if you are a member of a Guild, they can also loan you an amount of gold when you are in a pinch for pennies.

Battle is the main activity that increases your metrics in Eston, aside from tenure, proving yourself as a responsible troop leader will tell the leadership in Eston that you are ready for something more, perhaps. As a troop leader you can be appointed as a region commander (count, baron, etc) or as a marshal of one of the armies of Eston (each DUchy has an army, each of their respective marshals report through their Duke or Duchess to the High Marshal). As a region commander you can be appointed by the King or Queen as a Duke or Duchess and have several region commanders responsible for reporting to you, and you must offer them your guidance and support.

Finally, there are the positions of King or Queen, Judge (Arch Priest/Priestess), General (High Marshal), or Banker that you can be elected or appointed to. The realm at-large elects the King or Queen and the Judge, whereas the Banker and the High Marshal are appointed by the King. Gain favor by doing just and right things and you could be in one of these positions in the future.

Please let me know if you have any questions.