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Day 1 - Environment and the Turns System

Battlemaster events take place during two turns each day. These turns change at 6am and 6pm server time (or 10am and 10pm Mountain Time in the U.S., or GMT -7 hours). Many activities that you do happen "real time" during the playing out of your battlemaster turn, but things like travelling don't take place until the space between turns.

During each Battlemaster turn you are given 8 hours with which to do things. You can accumulate a maximum of 12 hours if you do not use all of your hours and choose to "pool" them for later use. This is often useful if you are going to travel and it takes more than 8 hours to get to that destination.


In order to set travel to an adjacent region, go to the Travel link on the sidebar. There will be a list of links for all the regions you can travel to, the distance to that region, and an estimate of how long it will take. For example:

   Neighbouring Regions 
travel to...
Slantrax (Eston) 52 miles, ca. 3 hours

The distance will always be the same for a given two regions, but the estimated time will change depending on the type of unit you're commanding, how many men you have, how many of them are wounded, and your paraphernalia complement, etc.

The hours will not be subtracted immediately, because travel takes place at the turn. If you left enough hours unused, then you will arrive in the region on the next turn, and get a message like:

   Arrival (just in) 
You have arrived in Slantrax, a Rural region (friendly territory).

And you and your unit will be in the destination region. Sometimes it will take multiple turns to travel between two regions, in which case you will spend one or more turns in between regions -- you'll be listed among the region's occupants, but you will not be able to take advantage of everything the region has to offer, such as banking and entertainment. You will also not be as free to scout when you are between regions.

Also note: Even if you have enough hours, you can never travel through more than one region per turn.

Okay, so each turn with your 8 hours you can partake in any of the Actions or Orders available on the left-hand side of your screen. This may be as simple as training your troops (thus raising their applicable Combat Strength, which will be discussed in a later lesson), visit the bank to cash bonds into gold or deposit gold into bonds, or visiting the local academy to hone your skills in leadership, swordfighting, or jousting (or others, depending on your character class). Generally speaking, troop-oriented activities will be found under Orders. Examples of this are:

   * Pay your men... 
* Buy Paraphernalia
* Field Camp...
* Training...
* Abandon your unit...
* Scout ahead
* Abandon Paraphernalia...
* Civil Work
* Police Work
* Demolish
* Takeover
* Raze Fortifications
* Repairs
* Entertainment
* Hang Rebels
* Dig in
* Hunt enemies
* Forage battlefield
* Rename your unit
* Leave Wounded
* Buy Paraphernalia

Note: Not all options will be available, or even visible, all the time. For instance, several of the above options (Forage battlefield, hunt enemies, raze fortifications) will only show up when you are deployed, and on a battlefield in your own lands or beyond, and have enough troops. Other options you just want to be careful about doing: Hanging rebels, for instance, is forbidden in the realm of Eston and these things should only be done under direct orders from someone in a command position such as the region commander, Judge, or King/Queen, for example.

Actions are typically non-troop leading type activities such as interacting with your mentor (or vice versa, if you are a mentor), temple visits, disagreeing or protesting a decision by someone, or changing your class. Examples include, but are not limited to:

   * Visit the temples...
* Change Realm
* Rebel...
* Disagree or Protest...
* Emmigrate...
* Change Class
* Bank visit
* Paid Work
* Mix with locals
* Choose Liege
* Bounty Board
* Trading
* Duel

You will also notice a section for Paperwork on the left-hand side of your screen. From this screen you should manage contacts, edit your character's description, set your votes for ruler and judge candidates, refuse positions, and set your unit's formation and encounter settings, as well as payment settings.

A word elections: You can refuse any position. This is your inalienable right: Maybe you are a warrior and not a politician. You also have an inalienable right to choose whichever noble you want in your voting choices: However, not voting altogether is frowned upon by your peers and superiors; so you should always have your candidates selected in these fields.

Information gives you various bits and pieces of information including a dynamic map of the realm and the realms around it, troops leaders in your realm and across the entire world, check your tax burden and gain, and generally find useful information about the world around you.

Messages, the final field on the left-hand side, is where you can have your scribe sent messages to other people in your realm or beyond. Communication in a realm the size of Eston is important. As you become a member of different organizations, a member of the High Council or Royal Council, or a member of any one of the world's guilds, your options of whom you can message will increase.

As you progress through Battlemaster, your options will change. If you change careers (character classes), your options may change. If you choose to take, and are offered a command position (region commander, Duke/Duchess, Judge, Banker, Marshal, High Marshal, or King/Queen, for example) you will notice the option of Command show up on your screen. This will offer you options for managing your assigned command.

This hereby ends your first lesson on the Battlemaster environment. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will answer as soon as I can.