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Day 4 - The Chain of Command

Just like any other organization, the realm of Eston has it's chain of command--That is, sequential levels of command. When the King gives an order, it usually "trickles down" this chain.

Of course, the chain starts with the King: Elected by the troop leaders of Eston he or she sees the big picture of how Eston interacts with other realms. Every breath that the King takes is to better our realm, making it stronger than other realms.

The realm is broken into various geographic areas to add to the feasibility of the feudal hierarchy. Knights report to local Lords (also known as region commanders, their title varies on the type of region they command) whom, in turn, report to Dukes or Duchesses. Dukes and/or Duchesses, in turn, report to the King. Each Duke or Duchess can also appoint a Marshal for the handling of military matters within the Duchy. Each lord can dispatch knights in their liege to the realm's army. The Armies of the Duchies then take their commands from the Marshal (Army Commander), taking their commands directly or indirectly from the High marshal.

The King or Queen sits of the Royal Council which additionally consists of the Banker, the Judge, and the General; each of these have different titles in different government systems. The Banker controls the financial situation of the realm; the Judge ensures that justice is served in the realm (and also acts as a check & balance for the powers of the King or Queen, if they abuse their powers as such); and the General which leads the armies of Eston.

The Banker, running the financial situation of the realm has authority over the traders of Eston; otherwise the banker typically does not have any other subordinate units in his or her chain of command by virtue of their position on the Royal Council.

The Judge has typically operated the Bureaucratic Corps of the realm; if you were to become a bureaucrat (also known by just "buro"), then you would most likely fall under the command of the Judge (Given the title of Arch Priest or Arch Priestess in a Monarch).

The High marshal commands the Armies of the realm as prescribed above. The High Marshal has the authority to establish battle groups and the like. Currently there is only the Main Army; however there have previously been special expeditionary force known as "The Sabre."

Additionally, there is a High Council which has the members of the Royal Council, Dukes & Duchesses, the Marshals, and other select senior advisors.

As Eston is a feudal monarchy and thus respect needs to be shown throughout the hierarchy. When addressing a superior, you should address them by their title. Region commanders that do not have the charge of a city are given the titles of Count, Marquis or Baron (or their female titles, Countess, Marchioness or Baroness). A Duke or Duchess, however, should be addressed in the following manners: Begin: My Lord Duke, Address: His Grace the Duke of _____, Speak to as: Your Grace. Females are addressed appropriately.

The King or Queen is addressed according to their rank and title: His (or Her) Majesty, His (or Her) Highness, or something of that nature.

This ends today's lesson. Please let me know if you have any questions.