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Alec is Sorsha’s little brother. He has a very easy going nature. He loves life and tries to make the most out of every day. He is extremely handsome, and is very aware of the fact. He has a charismatic personality people are just naturally attracted to. He also has a rare ability of persuasion, which most people aren’t aware of until he has them doing things they wouldn’t dream of doing.

Growing up, his task was to keep a close eye on his cousin Kaylan. Upon her arrival to Fontan, he arrived shortly thereafter to ensure her safety.

The first person Alec met in Fontan was Zadek. A man as shy as Alec was outgoing. Trying to help the other man get the attention of the woman of his dreams, Fiona Onyxien, he makes a terrible mistake and the man he befriended leaves thinking him a backstabber.

Friends once again, Alec moves on with his daily activities. Life as he knows it consisted of marching from one side of the realm to the other, battling with the many ennemies of Fontan. Many avents take place. The masked party hosted by Lady Aewyn (kaylan's page) and soon after Kaylan's kidnapping. (Kaylan's page)

A lot of problems occurred, Alec and Malcom tried to save Kaylan but when they arrived all they found were traces of blood and the only conclusion they could come up with was that they were too late and death had claimed her.

It wasn’t long after Kaylan returned at which time Alec thought she was a figment of his imagination only to realize she was truly alive. He was incredibly grateful that she was alive, but he was the bearer of bad news and told her that Malcolm had left. He knew Kaylan wasn't the same from that moment on. Not only from the ordeal she had obviously been in, but moving on without Malcolm in her life. As much as he could though, he tried to give her support but she constantly lied to him telling him she was as fine as could be.

  • If you wish to read any of these roleplays you will find them on Kaylan's page.

Secretly, Alec had been obsessed with a petite brunette with green eyes, whom he calls his angel. He has only seen the other woman on rare occasions, but he never spoke with her, let alone learn her name. He knows his true nature would only corrupt her, therefore has decided to keep it intact by keeping her in his thoughts alone. Unfortunately, the mere fact that she walked his dreams was enough to leave him off balance.

No matter how much Kaylan tried to convince Alec she was fine he didn't believe a word of it. Until he saw for himself how she fought on the battlefield, he realized something was definitely wrong with his cousin.

Concerned for Kaylan, Alec finally writes to his sister Sorsha for some advice.

Finally unable to endure seeing Kaylan in the state she was in, Alec convinces her to leave in search of Malcolm.

After convincing Kaylan to go off in search of her heart, he was left in Fontan for a short period of time until she called for him again. Leaving Fontan behind, he joined her in Cagil.