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Fafhrd Martius was born in Ashborn, on Beluaterra, bastard son of Sigfried and Helen, a peasant woman with a local reputation as a healer and herbalist. An undead uprising left Fafhrd an orphan when his mother was killed, and he became an adventurer. After the realm of Ashborn was destroyed, he wandered north and joined Melhed, eventually earning his nobility.

He traveled to Alowca, in the Colonies, to try to find his father, only to learn that he had been executed in Oritolon. He stayed on in Alowca, but when that realm fell, returned to Melhed.

Life in Melhed was unsatisfactory. Fafhrd felt that because of his humble beginnings, he would be unable to advance in the tightly knit Melhed aristocracy, so he returned to the Colonies, joining the realm of Giblot, where he currently serves with distinction.

A solitary man by circumstance and preference, Fafhrd prefers the wild, open places to the crowds and bustle of cities. He's become adept with a sword, but his preferred weapon is still the weapon of his youth, the quarterstaff.