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This page is meant to serve as a sort of scrapbook for people to write down historical accounts of Fissoa's past whenever they feel so motivated. This page contains two sections: Historical Accounts and Fallen Heroes. Anyone is welcome to make an addition of their own, although it is requested that you keep your entry consistent with the rest of the page's formatting.

Fallen Heroes

We honour those who have served our realm as the finest nobles, our Heroes.The names of those who paid the ultimate price in service to the Grand Duchy of Fissoa are placed on this wall. May their name continue to inspire brilliance, courage, duty, honour and loyalty to Fissoa.

  • The hero Bernard Evergreen, General of Grand Duchy of Fissoa, Earl of Drowenton was killed fighting monsters in Kamade.
  • The Tyrant Slade Leonidas. He seized power unrightfully, but he did so for the greater good. His actions might have been unacceptable, but his commitment for a stronger Fissoa is to be admired.
  • Lady Allegria Drakynor, Viscountess of Nuas, disappeared not long after the Lurian Incursion. She was a great noble, and a great woman, and she will be missed.

Historical Accounts

Regent's Era

The Grand Duchy of Fissoa was born when declaring independece from Madina. At the time the regions part of the Grand Duchy were Fissoa, Fissoa Fields, Libba, Munawai and Drowenton. Mangai was readly added to the lands of the Grand Duke and then a monster army stoped the expansion. Once cleared of the monsters, the region of Palm Sea was the next target of the army. With this annexion the Grand Duchy reached the lands claimed by the realm of Pian en Luries. Soon after, while the army was moving to Moon Bay, Pian en Luries declared war but no battles was fought. Peace talks concluded and secured a treaty between the two realms. Meanwhile the region of Kamade has been claimed and secured while the people of Mellifera decided to join the Grand Duchy. Mellifera has returned to independence and peace was restored between the two realms.

Nuas, Kamade, Maraba and Maf are under the Duchy's influence, however frequent monster raids tend to turn Kamade, Maraba and Maf rogue every now and then. Giask has seceded from Pian en Luries against Alanna's rule, and has allied the Grand Duchy. As the Duchy is now clearing it's own soil from monster threats, helping the Giaskians has to wait. The plan is, however, to join our allies and crush the Ice Queen Alanna in the near future, taking revenge for what PeL had brought over Myern!

A lot has changed since the last telling of Fissoan tales: the Giaskian Rebellion was crushed by Alanna, and PeL has slowly regained control in the south. The Grand Duchy conducted minor raids into Lurian territory, and the Lurians struck back: an expeditionary force managed to break the Fissoan ranks and slash and burn it's way through, all the way into Fissoa Fields. This event is known as the Lurian Incursion. Though we lost some battles, we won others, taking on smaller portions of the Lurian army as they split up. Queen Alanna herself got defeated in battle, causing her to run back into PeL. What the skirmish proved above all, is that the Lurians might be superior in absolute power, but their reach is too short to really harm Fissoa.

Recently another rebellion has started in PeL. The Dukes of Giask, Askileon and Poryatu cooperate, forming Luria Nova. Seems like even though PeL always tried to press their way of life onto other cultures, their own is not that great at all. Queen Alanna has gone missing.

After the Queen's sudden disappearence (ooc: ooc troubles in PeL), hostilities between Fissoa and the Lurian realms ceased. Luria Nova has commenced food trade with Fissoa, and the first sign of friendship has grown. Or perhaps the Lurians are too busy facing monsters in their regions to be bothered with the small, rebellious Grand Duchy.

With the Lurian threat gone, Fissoa shifted it's view West. The realm of Aurvandil, based around Candiels seceded from Madina, though without the latter's permission. Civil war is brewing, and our realm has been considering to intervene. On one side Madina is not only an ally, but also Fissoa's mother realm. On the other side, Madina ruled by Abbot seems to uphold different ideals than she did before. And in a way, Aurvandil is very similar to the Grand Duchy, with Madina as a common birthplace. Time will tell how things evolve there, whilst in the meantime Fissoa is busy keeping monsters out, and nobles in.

Fissoa has declared it's opinion, and chosen Madina's side after all. The secession of the Duchy of Candiels was deemed illegal. In the Lurian lands, changes have occured as well. Luria Nova has extended it's reach into Shinnen. The Lurian's hope to form a thee-realm empire, around Giask, Askileon and Shinnen. The sack of Myern is not forgotten, and the future will tell wether Fissoa can accept the Lurian occupation. Relations with the Lurians are practically unexisting.

On an internal level, things have taken a turn as well. Skyndarbau Melphrydd has been elected as Grand Duke, and a new course has been set for the realm to follow. This will hopefully take the realm out of a long period of stagnation and apathy, as well as spice up politics!

Common Era

The common era starts after the reinstatement of the Grand Dukes. The first to be elected to the position was Skyndarbau Melphrydd. After a long period of slow decline, the Grand Duchy is now on the rise once again. Noble numbers are slowly increasing, but there's room for plenty more. People with a heart for politics are also very welcome, as the elections for Judge and Banker usually interest but a few candidates. The armies are always in the search for (Vice-)Marshals.

After the long standing problems with the Lurians in the past, Fissoa has now made peace with her former enemies. An alliance with Pian en Luries has been forged, and also with Luria Nova. Solaria is a new player, but a peace treaty is in place as well. But the bonds go further than diplomacy. The Grand Duchy has adopted both Aetheris Pyrism and the Manifest Path, two major faiths in greater Luria.

Fissoa is currently neutral with Aurvandil. It used to be a duchy within Madina that seceded illegitimately, and Fissoa helped her ally to restore justice. The war has come to a stalemate, though, with large forces occupying either side of the Candiels Narrow. The Privateers and the Guardians alternate in setting up watch in Tower Fatmilak.

However nothing lasts long on this side of Dwilight. Soon after talks of a Lurian Empire, the King of Pian en Luries was found poisoned. An attack on the Arbiter of Solaria prompted war. Fissoa attempted to mediate, but this was blunty refused on several occasions by the aggressors. When Luria Nova decided to enter the fray and attempt a land-grab, the Grand Duchy was forced to choose. After deliberation it was agreed the war against Aurvandil was a lost cause. Madina had proven to be inefficient on the field of honour, and tension rose after miscommunication and bad treatment. Peace with Candiels was reached, and it was decided that the Grand Duchy would stand by it's allies in Pian en Luries. War was subsequently declared on Luria Nova.

After a few raids, King Tybalt vowed to lay waste to our lands. Apart from a few incursions and several days of looting, nothing really happened. In the meantime Madina met it's downfall, causing several of it's nobles to join on Fissoa's side. This brought the Grand Duchy to an unprecedented noble population of 22, almost twice the number from a year before.

After warring for several weeks, Pian en Luries surrendered. It fell back into the fold of the Lurian Federation. With this Fissoa's prime objective for the war was met, and peace was sought. This came a cost: Grand Duke Skyndarbau was forced to resign. He did so with reluctance, though sought only the greater good for his Fissoa. He now is on a voyage to visit the different regions of Dwilight.

After a confusingly short election period Grand Duke Eldrond was crowned. He finalised peace with Solaria, Luria Vesperi and Luria Nova. He has also expressed that an election for the crown would happen soon, due to the former being glitchy.