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As a new player, you will likely find players using a great deal of short forms and such that you will not understand. Here is a list of short forms and other terms that may clear things up for you.

  • BM: Battlemaster. This refers to, of course, this game.
  • Bureau/Buro: Bureaucrat. A Class of character you can play as.
  • Cav: Cavalry
  • CS: Combat Strength
  • CW: Civil Work. Something you perform with your troops to increase a region's production.
  • IC: In Character. This refers to something to do with your character.
  • IG: In Game. Similar to In Character, but Out-of-Character things can still be In-Game.
  • Inf: Infantry
  • Infil: Infiltrator. A class of character you can play as.
  • LB: Lightning Bolt (the punishment used by Tom for extreme cases of cheating and/or abuse of the game).
  • LL: Local Lord. Refers to the Lord of a region.
  • OOC: Out of Character. This refers to something to do with someone as a player.
  • OOG: Out of Game. Similar to Out-of-Character, but you can still be In Character outside the game (chatting IC on IRC, for instance).
  • PW: Police work. Something you do with your troops to increase your realm's control over a region.
  • RC: Recruitment Center These are the buildings in regions where peasants are trained to become soldiers.
  • RL:This one has two meanings. "Real life", as in, OOG life, and "region lord", as in the lord of a local region, see LL.
  • RP: Roleplaying. This refers to interactions/stories between players IC.
  • SA: Survey Administration. Something Bureaucrats do to maintain the stats of a region.
  • SF:Special Forces
  • TL: Troop Leader. This refers to every noble in the game.
  • TO: Takeover. This refers to a realm annexing a region from another realm.
    • BTO: Brutal Take Over
    • CTO: Colony Take Over
    • FTO: Friendly take Over
    • HTO: Hostile Take Over
  • TSNP: They Shall Not Pass (A marshal setting)

This is all I can think of at this point. Feel free to add any terms and short forms I have missed that you think useful for new players.

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