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The Library

You enter the Library and notice its rather small actual collection immediately. There are lots of shelves but only a few filled bookcases; these people are certainly not the book worm type.


You quickly find an interesting section, the bookcase in front of you is divided into three shelves, the upper, middle, and lower shelves. You find several interesting books in here.

Upper Shelf

Books icon.jpg Stories of a lost crew, written by Damien Ward

Books icon.jpg The Great Kraken, written by Leon 'The Harsh'

Books icon.jpg How Merchants found Madina, written by Damien Ward

Middle Shelf

Books icon.jpg The Constitution of the Isle Republic of Madina, Originally written by Abbot The Acelet and Leon 'The Harsh', revised by Lord Albert du Blanc.

Books icon.jpg Hierarchy and Nobility of Madina, written by Abbot the Acelet

Books icon.jpg Military Structure of Madina Republic, written by Lord Admiral De Blanc

Books icon.jpg Book of Claims, written by Abbot the Acelet

Books icon.jpg Electoral System for the Duchy of Madina, written by Kolya Ishimu

Books icon.jpg Work in Progress for Laws on Religions, written by Kolya Ishimu

Books icon.jpg Work in Progress the New Constitution, written by Kyra von Ulthuan

Books icon.jpg Republican Treaties, written/documented by Abbot

Books icon.jpg Madinan Duchal Laws and Contracts, written/documented by Abbot

Lower Shelf

Books icon.jpg Estianism, The Balance, written by Fionn McCumhal

Books icon.jpg On the Culture of Madina Isle, written by Abbot the Acelet

Books icon.jpg The exceptional fauna of Madina isle Written by Abbot the Acelet.

You are finished with the library and decide to leave; there are two options left.
What do you do?
A. You decide to leave after all and schedule your departure
B. You decide to settle in and find a Land Lord
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