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Personal Summary

Cathan is the eldest son of Geleis, last daughter of House O'Faolain. As the heir to House O'Faolain he bears the family ring, which he wears on a necklace. He is six feet tall and resembles his uncles the most of his siblings. He has fair skin, black hair and a wiry frame. Though he inherited his uncles' appearance, he also inherited his mother's demeanor. He is soft-spoken but earnest, a quality that has made him good at dealing with people.


Early Career

  • Cathan began his career in Corsanctum during the Crusade against Niselur. Due to a shortage of nobility in Corsanctum, he was swiftly elected lord of Mamaroneck; keen to get his hands dirty, he joined the Ferrum Sidereus and was swiftly appointed her Vice-Marshal. He participated in the Battle of Sabadell, where Asylon was driven from Astrum by the combined force of Astrum, Morek and Corsanctum.
  • While returning to Corsanctum, he learned of the usurpation of power in the Church by Jonsu Himoura & Enoch Dishman; in a fit of rage threw the messenger overboard and had the messenger's ship sank and her crew killed. This sparked a fight aboard the vessel he had chartered which ended in a more permanent acquisition of the vessel by Cathan's men. He was catatonic for the next day, but recovered when they made landfall.
  • Over the next few days, Cathan had a series of visions of mass slaughter from the perspective of each of the Bloodstars in turn. He began meditating daily under the direction of Constantine Meneldur to bring an end to the visions and increase his harmony with the Bloodstars.
  • After his return to Coranctum, Exarch Wassiley stepped down from his post and strongly recommended Cathan as his successor; Cathan was elected Exarch of Corsanctum in a landslide victory. A short time later, the Margrave of the Well of Mimer vanished and Cathan was elected to fill the void, relinquishing his lordship over Mamaroneck in the process.
  • Corsanctum went to war with Swordfell in the Autumn over Tamirak, which had been moved from Corsanctum to Swordfell by its lord Crixus Domitius. Cathan lead the reconquest of Tamirak which was starving seriously as the war spilled over into Winter. The land was taken over by Corsanctum, but revolted shortly thereafter due to lack of food.
  • During the Tamirak Crisis, Cathan wrote and delivered a casus belli after war Regent Wassiley Makej'ev declared war, breaking the federation with Astrum and Morek. He also spent considerable effort ensuring that Morek, deeply offended by the breach, remained uninvolved in the conflict.
  • During the same winter while Cathan was on campaign, the Well of Mimer also starved so that the cities would be fed. Cathan petitioned Fiduciary Norgard Kaltenthal for aid and opened the granaries for his access, but was told there was no food to be had. This starvation led to the revolt of the region from Corsanctum's rule, leaving Cathan without a region to govern.

War of Migration

  • The population of monsters surged in the west until western realms could no longer keep it in check; this lead to a mass migration from the western subcontinent to the eastern. While Niselur purported to pass peacefully, Asylon landed in Shilorak with a massive army and began seizing control of regions. It seemed their primary objective would be Corsanctum's food production; Morek declared war in support of Corsanctum, but Corsanctum continued to starve.
  • The Regent of Corsanctum resigned, and Cathan was elected Regent to succeed him; shortly thereafter, the High Inquisitor the Duke at Freke defected his duchy to Astrum and Cathan took up the mantle of High Inquisitor as well. As High Inquisitor, he was confronted with accusations of torture ((factually false)) which he denied fervently.
  • Despite assistance from Morek, who won a victory against some of the invading forces in Shilorak, Unterstrom fell to the enemy in late Spring; the Corsanctum forces were unable to mount a defense without a capital (Mimer and Freke both defected) and could not rally in any region as they all starved.
  • The Vasilif of Astrum proposed union with what remained of Corsanctum; Cathan was to rule as Margrave Mimer and serve as the Haruspex Maximus of Astrum with Vasilif Sergio as the ruler over the united state. Seeing no alternative for the preservation of Corsanctum, Cathan accepted and defected to Astrum.
  • Cathan was appointed Margrave of Mimer in accordance with the agreement, and continued to aid in the prosecution of the war against Asylon.
  • Astrum and Morek advanced together to Eisenik, where Astrum began a takeover; Cathan and three other nobles were selected to join the Morekian army in Weinschenk in order to cut off the Asylonian raiding party that was ravaging southern Morek.
  • Once Weinschenk was driven rogue by Morek's looting, Cathan's Astrum Expeditionary force was attacked while returning through Eisenik. There, they and Eisenik militia repelled a disorganized advance by Asylon. They were driven from the field the next day, but linked up with Astrumite reinforcements in Mimiravair. There, they won the day and drove the enemy from the field, wounding many Asylonian nobles.
  • This was some of the last action of the war, as Asylon began abandoning Unterstrom before they were surrounded. Cathan was appointed Haruspex Maximus in accordance with the Act of Union with Astrum, and was made Duke of the newly created Duchy of Holy Corsanctum.


Authored Documents


Territorial Claims

Strong Claims

Cathan has strong claims to lands he has ruled over personally.

  • Mamaroneck
  • Well of Mimer
  • Moses's End
  • Tamirak
  • Mimer
  • Libidizedd
  • Duchy of the Holy Isle

Weak Claims

As his mother's eldest child he can claim descent from Eoghan O'Faolain and inherits his claims.

  • Jorradith
  • Gaston
  • Duchy of Gaston

Cathan can also lay a claim to the MacGeil family home.

  • Unterstrom