Luz de Bia Chronicles

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This newspaper was started by Tolandruth Juramona in the City of Jidington. Tolandruth retired soon after the newspaper started due to lack of time and now only works on keeping the printing press's up and running.

The current staff writing the articles is Sam Malone. Sam's looking for another possible writer, so if you think your up for the job then message Sam with a sample article that is current on Beluaterra or your background with newspapers.

Current Edition

Luz de Bia Chronicles VI - Sixth Edition. The One and Only paper that is required to be in the know!

Upcoming Edition

Previous Editions

Luz de Bia Chronicals V - Fifth Edition. The only paper you ever need to pick up!

Luz de Bia Chronicles IV - Fouth Edition of the Best paper in the South

Luz de Bia Chronicles I - The first newspaper from Luz de Bia!!

Luz de Bia Chronicles II - What you've all been waiting for...the second edition of course!!

Luz de Bia Chronicles III - Third Instalment to the Chronicle