Luria Nova/Southern League War

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Year 27

With the appearance of the monsterous hordes, the western realms made their way east. Many of Niselur's nobility came to join Luria Nova. Asylon attempted to make a new home in the empty shell that was Corsanctum, but was forced out by Astrum and Morek Empire.

Barca raised a large army and marched to war, appearing on the southern border of Luria and pillaging their way through Sky Hall and Sun Hall. Two nobles of Barca committed such heinous acts, that Suffete Julius had them banished. The two banished were Sir Kori and Sir Chuldah. Still reeling from the combination of wide-spread famine and rampaging monstrous hordes, Luria was unable to fight back effectively against Barca and her allies D'hara and Fissoa. Barca established the town of Aveston as their new capital and were able to capture most of Sun Hall, except for the city of Shinnen which stood too strongly defended for the Southern League to overcome.

The nobility of Asylon, pushed out of the north came to the shores of Luria Nova. Many joined Luria Nova at the invitation of the Emperor. However some decided to try to keep Asylon alive within Luria, taking over the broken city of Giask and several other regions which had fallen into anarchy due to the war with the League and the earlier monster hordes and starvation.

Summer Year 28

After a long period of Barcan control, the townsland of Shinnen Purlieus was freed as part of a series of military successes by the Lurian armies.

Autumn Year 28

During Autumn of year 28, monsters overran the city of Candiels and it was lost, marking the fall of the last region held in the west. Meanwhile, an army from Morek arrived in the Desert of Silhouettes and after completing a takeover there, had a skirmish with the Asylon forces that were in Axewild. After the battle, the Morek forces withdrew back to the desert. The end of Autumn saw Outer Giask under a takeover by Fissoa. During this time, Duke Edward Blackmane of Drowenton attacked Lady Ellyn Coquard of Other Giask that left her seriously wounded.

Winter Year 28

The first day of winter(Aug 2, 2014) brought Luria's armies, who defeated the Fissoan army and broke their takeover of Outer Giask. The day also saw the takeover of Thar Gortauth by D'haran forces.

On the 5th day of winter, Swordfell took over Axewild from Asylon as part of their war with them.

On the 10th day of winter, Astrum took over Girich from Asylon. Asylon was reduced in size to 3 regions (Giask, Grodno, and Mattan Dews).

On the 12th day of winter, Luria Nova retook Thar Gortauth from D'hara.

On the 16th day of winter, Morek declares war on Luria Nova.

On the 18th day of winter, Luria Nova declares war on Asylon in response to their alliances with Barca and Fissoa. Seoras Madigan Nifelleisca replaces Hendrick Madigan as Duke of Sun Hall. D'hara begins a takeover of Thar Gortauth.

On the 19th day of winter, Luria Nova's armies siege Giask. A total of 1,680 Lurian troops overwhelm the 620 defending Asylon troops. The same day, Morek's armies defeat the small garrison defending the townsland of Poryatu.

On the 20th day of winter, Morek's armies continue their attack by defending the small garrison in the city of Poryatown.

On the last day of winter, D'hara completes their takeover of Thar Gortauth. Senator Chuldah of Barca duels Lord Justice Kori of Barca and Suffete Erasmus. The Suffete is fatally wounded and dies quickly.

Early on in winter did the Emperor of Luria, Sholan A'valti vest imperial Authority in Aldrakar Renodin to broker a peace with the Southern League. In short this culminated in negotiations with the Southern League with as sole representative King Waldor of Fissoa. Peace Failed in late Spring as the King Waldor ended talks. Initial reason given to Aldrakar was him including other Rulers of the Southern League in the peace talks. Rumors tell us that Aldrakar refuted this claim and furthermore that the negotiations never passed the second point of discussion out of 5.

Spring Year 28

On the first day of spring (August 23, 2014), Barca and D'hara begin looting Garuck Udor. A takeover is started by D'hara on the 2nd day of spring.

On the 3rd day of spring Itheus Pileran is elected the new Lord Imperator of Swordfell. The Exiled Edreun engage in battle in the Townsland of Poryatu, defeating the Morek troops present (620 LN vs 110 Morek).

On the 4th day of spring, Barca elects Kori Gould as it's new Suffete. The Suffete was previously banned from Barca for his actions during their original invasion of Luria Nova. The Exiled Edreun continue their battles against the armies of Morek, leading to a victory in Poryatown despite being outnumbered 670 vs 750. The battle continues into the next day with Luria Nova once again victorious against Morek's armies in Poryatown (350 vs 350) and Poryatu (260 LN vs 190 Morek).

On the 6th day of spring, Fissoa takes over the rogue region of Laraibina and D'hara begins a takeover of Cairin Tut.

On the 7th day of spring, Fissoa's army arrives in Irvington while the D'haran takeover of Garuck Udor is abandoned as their army attacks the people of Ciarin Tut. The takeover is quickly abandoned however due to the arrival of the Exiled Edreun who defeat the Barcan and D'haran troops who did not retreat in advance of the Lurian army's arrival (520 men vs 200 men).

In the second week of spring, Fissoan troops loot Herle, Cadier, Outer Giask and Orz. Herle's populace revolted as a result of the Fissoan looting. The Exiled Edreun defeated the remnant of Morek's army who had stopped to loot in Lupa Lapu(240 men vs 70 men). In Giask, where Asylon had established a new capital, Lurian forces worked to complete it's takeover. At the end of the second week, the takeover was completed and Giask was once again under Lurian rule. Aldrakar is appointed Lord of Giask.

In the third week of spring, the Lurian armies march south engaging in a series of battles with Fissoa. The largest is on the 15th day of spring in Cadier, where 964 Lurian troops (13,669 CS) clash with 840 Fissoan troops (8,122 CS). With the Fissoan army broken, some of the Lurian army advanced into the town of Irvington where Sir Nathaniel Howe of Madina is slain on the field of battle. The Lurian armies then swept through Sky Hall in a number of battles in Cadier and Orz to defeat the remaining Fissoan troops. On the 19th day of spring, the takeover of Irvington is completed and Lord Ronan appointed.

Other events of the third week of spring include: The election of Rynn JeVondair as Prime Minister of D'hara, a duel between Sir Francis of Cadier and Sir Cador of Fissoa and the announcement of a Tournament in Port Raviel.

Closely tied to this are the events that start to describe an internal conflict brewing in the Southern League. Immigrants from their realms join Luria Nova, several voices from the League ask for peace and request favorable terms while their armies have been beaten repeatedly at this time by Lurian forces (whom still have yet to enter League territories at this time and only reclaim lost regions).

Summer Year 29

Week one of Summer

On the second day of summer, Lurian forces take control of the Desert of Silhouettes from Morek Empire. The next day D'Hara completes their takeover of Garuck Udor and the tournament in Port Raviel is held, with 14 nobles from 7 realms participating in the swordfighting tournament. A Barcan wins with a Fellian coming in second place.

The Lurian army in Desert of Silhouettes attacks the D'Haran forces in Sallowwild, the D'Harans win the initial battle but quickly retreat back to Sallowtown allowing the Lurian army to take the field. In Grodno, another Lurian force completes the takeover of the last of Asylon's lands on the fifth day of summer.

Week two of Summer

Jocelin Le Drake replaces Kori Gould as the new Suffete of Barca at the beginning of the second week of summer. In the northern front, D'Hara advances into the Desert of Silhouettes to begin a takeover and a small Morek force begins plundering and marauding in Dantooine. As Lurian forces approach Dantooine, the Morek army retreats back into Swordfell.

Countess Trabiccola Darkhouse of Dantooine is executed by Morek.

Week three and four of Summer In the southern front, the Lurian takeover of Maf is stopped by the advance of Fissoan troops while D'hara advances and takes over Garuck Udor. Astrum declares war on Luria and a combined Astrum and D'haran force defeats the defending troops in Shinnen Purlieus (980 men vs 220 men).

Autumn Year 29

Despite the setbacks in the summer of year 29, Luria saw a series of victories. Shinnen Purlieus would fall to D'haran control, but Luria would defeat Astrum and D'hara in Ciarin Tut (1,150 men vs 340 men). Morek arrives in the north to loot Poryatown and Poryatu only to be defeated by the arrival of Lurian forces in a battle in Poryatown (760 men vs 680 men). Following the battle, King Kamron of Earth Hall challenged High Inquisitor Menelaus Raghnall, Duke of Muspelheim to a duel to the death to avenge the execution of Countess Trabiccola Darkhouse. A fatal blow is struck by King Kamron and Menelaus passes quickly. The last day of autumn, Barca and D'Hara defeat a force of Lurian troops (1,340 men vs 510 men).

Winter Year 29

As the weather turns bad, Lurian troops defeat D'hara in Shinnen Purlieus (1,310 men vs 510 men) on the first day of winter. D'Hara and Fissoa launch a counter attack but are unable to defeat the defending Lurian troops in Shinnen Purlieus (880 men vs 1,860) as bad roads split their forces up. Morek once again loots Poryatown and Poryatu only to be defeated by Lurian troops near the end of winter (540 men vs 550 men).

Also during the winter, Oswaldo Ossan replaced Jocelin Le Drake as Suffete of Barca.

Spring Year 29

The arrival of spring brings new battles as the Lurian armies advance on Thar Gortauth (470 LN troops vs 70 D'hara troops). After a successful takeover of Thar Gortauth, the Lurian armies launch a hard fought but successful assault on Aveston, capital of Barca (2600 LN troops vs. 2300 Southern League troops). After a takeover lasting six days, Aveston is once again part of Luria Nova. During the takeover, the remaining Barcan holdings of Moon Bay and Vaal switch allegiance to Fissoa.

At the end of spring, Morek's armies return and overrun the few defenders in Poryatown. Ordermarshal Helm, Duke of Starhammer presenting suspicious documents establishing his claim to the city is declared it's lord. The Ordermarshal proceeds to demolish the structures that had thus far survived Morek's pillaging and looting.

Year 30

Dwilight Map at beginning of Year 30

On the second day of Summer, the city of Poryatown is returned to Lurian control. However, the only remaining major building left standing is the small temple of Ecclesial Sanguiastroism. In Mid-Summer an invasion force from Morek landed near Irvington to loot and damage the fortifications there. However a massive uprising of the civilian population along with the arrival of one of Luria's armies resulted in the Morek force's defeat (830 men Morek vs. 7060 men LN) and the capture of Morek's General, Ordermarshal Helm.

In the last week of Summer, a combined Astrum/D'Hara/Fissoa force landed in Ciarin Tut. Looting of Ciarin Tut resulted in battles between the people of the region and the League's armies with casualties on both sides. The Lurian army responded with a two-pronged attack from Garuck Udor and Askileon Purlieus and defeated the allied host. 1,747 Lurian troops (23,801cs) fought 1,446 troops (14,376cs). After the battle, Baron Rhys, Lord of Moon Bay switched allegiance from Fissoa to Luria Nova. Around this same time King Waldor of Fissoa passed away and Fissoa crowned Charles Reding King on the last day of summer.

With the start of Autumn, Machiavel Chénier became Prime Minister of D'Hara after Prime Minister Rynn stepped down. With the defeat of the League's armies, Luria Nova was able to conduct takeovers of both Smokey Hills (Rogue) and Girich (Astrum). The Astrum and D'Haran armies gathered in the Desert of Silhouttes and then invaded Girich after the Lurian army left. In the second week of Autumn, Astrum started their takeover of Girich and Robin Rossignon was elected Lord Imperator of Swordfell. Lurian troops gathered to stop the takeover but were defeated in two battles and Emperor Sholan captured by D'Hara. The first battle had 640 Lurian troops vs. 1,270 troops from Astrum and D'Hara and the second battle had 370 Lurian troops vs. 1020 troops from Astrum and D'Hara. With the Lurian loss, Astrum took control of Girich.

Towards the end of the second week of Autumn, Morek troops attacked the townsland of Poryatu. Meanwhile far to the north, Lurian troops were landing in Cortlandt and Valldir. The Morek militia attempted to repel the invading Lurian troops but were defeated (60 LN troops vs 20 Morek in Cortlandt) and (520 LN troops vs 50 Morek troops in Valldir). After the battle in Valldir, the local officials declared Jung Jaron the Viscount. The Lurian army proceeded south, attacking Odenir (540 LN troops vs. 60 Morek). After the battle in Odenir, the local officials declared Hengist deLacy Viscount over the region. With both Valldir and Odenir flying the banner of Luria Nova, the Lurian army attacked Nifel and defeated the defending Morek force (340 LN vs. 170 Morek). With the Morek army defeated in Nifel, a takeover was initiated by Lord Marshal Edwyle Starck. The small Lurian force in Cortlandt meanwhile defeated the Morek militia in Stratford (30 troops vs 30 troops), a second battle in Stratford resulted in the capture of Sir Marius by militia. Responding to the Lurian attack on their north, the Morek army began to withdraw but the Lurian army did engage some stragglers (350 LN vs. 40 Morek).

Year 31

In the beginning of summer year 31, Swordfell returned Mattan Dews to Luria Nova after the signing of a treaty. Luria then sent troops into Girich and took the region back from Astrum. A Morek looting party attacked Herle only to be defeated in Cadier.

In autumn, peace talks with Fissoa had broken down and Luria sent troops into Fissoa. Nuas was captured only to be retaken by Fissoa during winter. In a sign of the breakdown between the Southern League realms, the Southern League Guild closed down during this time.

With spring's arrival, Nuas would be retaken by Lurian forces with the fall of Drowenton coming soon after. At the end of spring, a large battle between Fissoa, D'Hara and Luria Nova in Mangai (400 men vs. 890 men)led to the death of former D'Haran Prime Minister Rynn JeVondair. The next day, Luria would go on to victory in Libba (1340 men vs. 730 men). In the north, Grandmistress Eviera resigned from her positions in Sanguis Astroism and Morek and seceded from Morek to form a new realm called Helyg Derwyddon. Ordermarshal Helm would be elected as the new Grandmaster of Morek.

Year 32

Continuing Luria's advance into Fissoan lands, summer brought several battles in Fissoa Fields ending in the region's capture. Meanwhile, D'Hara and Luria signed a ceasefire to mourn the death of Rynn JeVondair with some Lurians traveling to D'Hara to attend the funeral.