Light of Fountain/Guardians of Lunarii

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Full moon.jpg The Guardians of Lunarii Full moon.jpg

Founding and Purpose

While deep inside the Temple of Light library looking through the many sacred scrolls, Jerix had a vision from Lunar. Through this vision he was given the Lunarii Sword and commanded to reform the Guardians of Lunarii, a lost military order in service to Lunar. Jerix set out gathering the necessary funds and equipment, and shortly the Guardians were founded.

The Guardians stand firm against the darkness that tries to overrun the island. This darkness comes in many forms, from the inhuman evil of undead, demons, and monsters, to the darkness of the human heart that can commit unthinkable atrocities. Just as the moon gives those surrounded by night a glimmer of light to guide their way, so the Guardians give hope and guidance to those besieged by darkness.

Military Hierarchy

Marshal: None Currently

Sub-Marshal: Chrysopoeia Sterling

Chrysopoeia Sterling, Marchioness of Tokat, is also the sponsor of the Army. The army has just been recently funded, and changes are still being made. Once the army is back on it's feet, a new Sub-Marshall shall be appointed.


  • Once the Guardians have seen enough battle, members will be promoted and given more tasks and responsibility to ensure maximum efficiency.


The Knights are the backbone of the Guardians. They have dedicated themselves to combat and bringing the Light to those who are surrounded in darkness.

  • Elaira
  • Anastasia
  • Chrysopoeia
  • Deathblaze
  • Elaira
  • Johnathan
  • William
  • Zelgadis
  • Zezben