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About the name

The name for this religion came hardly. First it was supposed to be called Ithilianism because it mirrored how a honourable Ithilian acts. Then Arelienism was discussed as a candidate for a name.

In the end "Legionarism" was chosen.

Legionarism fits best because the name stands for strong military structure. An army that will fight honourably for the victory!


Arelien is the Goddess of War and Sun who will guide us to the victory against all foes.

We shall stand high and remain honourable.

We shall honour or opponents, even if they are not worth it.

We shall not lie!

We shall not be traitors!

We will stand by our word to the end!

We will fight without fear, if our heart shakes, then Arelien gives us power to keep on fighting!

We think that fighting a war with worthy opponents is an honour!

First letter from the Prophet

Letter from Richard II De La Fere

Message sent to everyone in your realm (74 recipients)

Honoured Council,

Respected Lords and Ladies,

Dear Knights and Dames,

I Richard II De La Fere approach you with a belief. I believe in being an Ithilian. Some might question this due to my few days in this realm. But some of you know that I was born in Dunstoke where my family originates from.

I believe in Arelien, the goddess of sun and war. Some of you might remember her from The Faith of Athonlaurism that ruled over Minas Ithil for a long time.

Why am I saying this all? I lived on Dwilight for some time, there were foolish people. They believed in Three Stars... They went crazy over them...

Now I am here and I see that Arelien is not worshipped here anymore. I see that some people have let their standards to be low. The old Ithilian ways are sometimes forgotten...

In the light of this, I have decided to found a religion named Ithilianism which worships the War Goddess Arelien and will follow the Ithilian ways. You all are welcome to the temples once they are constructed. I will notify you as soon as the temple is constructed.

Until then...

May Arelien guide you in battle.


The Prophet of Ithilianism,

Richard II De La Fere

Richard II De La Fere (Knight of Leohampton)