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The Lefanis family home is in Semall, Itorunt. The family motto is "From War, Peace"

The Family Manor

Nobles in service


By far the most famous of the Lefaniss', Mordred built up the family name from its humble origins. He began his career in Toren, but realized it was not for him after a failed rebellion. After a short stop in Minas Ithil, he made his way to Beluaterra, where he has remeained ever since.

He began service in the Republic of Fwuvoghor, and made many friends there, notably the De La Feres, Enstances, and Asmodans. In recognition of his services, he was made the Viscount of Darhauyo by Belzer Asmodan, Duke of Fwuvoghor. His career took of from there, he was elected judge after the cowardly Jean Olivier murdered his crippled friend Felmoure Enstance.

He was a loyalist in the second Fwuvoghor rebellion (Defending Felmoure from the rebel JeanOlivier), and was striped of his titles after the loss, only to be re-elected judge of Fwuvoghor by a large majority. Later, he was reinstated as marshal by Belzer. He was chosen as the Baron of Wilwau when it was conquered. He later rose to become the Premier of Fwuvoghor after a bloodless coup, reforming the Kingdom to a Republic once more. When the Republic was destroyed by the imperialist hordes of Avalon and Enweil, Mordred became a priest of Qyravagg. He lobbied many realms to take arms against the tyranny of Enweil, and a continent wide war was waged, until the fourth invasion began. He negotiated the formation of the Meridian Republic, a secession of Riombara, based in Rines. He was elected Premier there, and many Fwuvoghorian exiles found a home again. Meridian retook Fwuvoghor and Zod, fighting of daimons, Avalon, Bara Khur and Enweil at the same time.

Name Mordred Lefanis
Age 57 Morded.png
Class Warrior
Honour 127
Prestige 20
Realm Meridian Republic
Title "Premier and Ambassador of Meridian Republic"
Items Ucdauh's Aegis against Fire
sdfsdfsdf Mordred.jpg


Melehan Lefanis
Status: Alive and well
Age: 20
Honor: 49
Prestige: 22
Class: Warrior/Cavalier
Realm/Island: Arcachon, Far East
Affiliation: Enlod
Title: Duke of Enlod, Sponsor of the Axes of Adaghar
Religion: Adgharhin Way
Unique Items: -
Former realms: -
Former titles: -

Began his career in Arcachon, the first of the second generation of Lefaniss'. Eldest of three sons of Mordred. Helped oust the tyrant Octavio and his lackey, Cerber, from Arcachon a few weeks after he joined the realm. In recognition of his principal role in the rebellion, he was rewarded with the duchy of Enlod, the capital and only city of Arcachon at the tender age of 18.


Mordaunt Lefanis
Status: Alive and well
Age: 19
Honor: 50
Prestige: 20
Class: Warrior/Cavalier
Realm/Island: Giask, Dwilight
Affiliation: Giaskan
Title: Marshal of the Southern Operations Battalion
Religion: Sanguis Astroism
Unique Items: -
Former realms: Pian en Luries
Former titles: -
After his uncle Hericus retired, Mordaunt set sail from the Meridian Republic for Dwilight, joining Pian en Luries. After proving himself in battle on many occasions, Mordaunt was chosen for the post of Vice Marshal of the Southern Operations Battalion. Later, he applied for the lordship of Poryatu, when its lord Taronis was appointed to Poryatown, however, he was sidelined by Queen Alanna in favor of a noble with less service to the realm. This angered Mordaunt, he realized his Duke Loathin was right, Pian was controlled by the grip of Alanna and her tool, Duke Amaury Capet of Askileon.

The Duchy of Giask was neglected by the Queen, its nobles treated like third class citizens. Giask was allowed to starve, while Duke Amaury hoarded food in his castles. Things soon came to a head when Queen Alanna and the Treasurer Taronis stole over 4000 gold for themselves, by taxing the nobility.

Finally, Alanna forced out the duchy of Giask from Pian en Luries, creating the realm of Giask. After leading a few battles, Mordaunt was granted a commission. He became Marshal of the Southern Operations Battalion, the sole army of Giask, responsible for defending the realm from the huge hordes of rogues that roamed the lands, and the more insidious northern enemy of Pian.


Ganelon Lefanis
Status: Alive and well
Age: 20
Honor: 30
Prestige: 10
Class: Warrior
Realm/Island: Sultanate of Asena, East Continent
Affiliation: Asena
Title: Knight of Pucallpa
Religion: -
Unique Items: -
Former realms: -
Former titles: -

Ganelon, Mordred's third son, was sent to the East Continent when he came of age. He became a knight of Asena, aiding its valiant struggle against the dark elves of Sirion. Very soon, he was granted access to the military council, the Divan-i-harp, and has become a trusted and loyal knight of Pucallpa.

Fallen and Retired nobles


Morgana was a Hero, the Queen of Itorunt. After years of faithful service in Itorunt, as lord, a marshal, a member or the military council, Morgana was elected Queen with the abdication of Queen Alexandria. After its destruction by the Ibladeshi hordes, she moved to Cthonia, where she was slain defending walls of Azros.

Name Morgana Lefanis
Age Fallen in Battle Morgana.png
Class Warrior/Hero
Honour 111
Prestige 27
Realm Itorunt
Title "Last Regina of Itorunt."
Items none
The family crest MorganaII.jpg  


Name Hericus Lefanis
Age 47 Hericuscloseup.png
Class Warrior/Trader
Honour 112
Prestige 27
Realm Aurora
Title Basileus of Aurora and Consul of Sanguis Astroism
Items none
sdfsdfsdf Hericus.png


Lunarion made his home in Beluaterra, traveling across Bara'Khur, Neo Grehk, Old Grehk, Republic of Fwuvoghor, and Valhus, Hetland, and finally Mesh. Over the course of his career, He has been lord of Iknopata and the Duke of Zod and Senator of Haffemet. Mordred once called him "A hopeless do-gooder". He formed the Repository of Knowledge. He fell as a hero, defending Hoellor from monsters during the fourth invasion.

Name Lunarion Lefanis
Age Fallen in Battle LunarionII.png
Class Knight
Honour 110
Prestige 24
Realm Mesh
Title "Count of Haffemet"
Items none
sdfsdfsdf Lunarion.png

Lefanis Family Fame

Unclarities and Deaths
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 0th Day
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Guild.png
New Guild
FB Unknown.png
(Hundred Honour)
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 10th Day
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 100th Day
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB New Palace & Capital.png
New Palace & Capital
FB Death Duel.png
Death Duel Prevalence
FB Duke.png
Sum: 9 points
FB Lord.png
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
Sum: 7 points
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 5000
Sum: 12 points
Sum: 8 points

Sum: 36 points

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