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Long ago in the mists of time, emerged a ....no wait, just the morning mist. Anyway, a figure emerged, striding towards town. This was to be the first of many from the Ledoux family to start a public career. Though not all would start out emerging from mists on an early morning. That'd mostly be because this first Ledoux told the others that no one was awake in the local town at that early hour.

There were many omens of this first Ledoux's arrival. The birds sang, the grasshoppers danced, rabbits frolicked. Oh wait, that happened every day. But the weird cloud in the sky was an omen, right? It was shaped like a crown and thus was it taken as a sign of glories to come.

- Vita`, August 6th, 2019

The House

The Ledoux family first rose to notability in Thalmarkin, Beluaterra.

Their claim to nobility is tenuous at best, being distantly related to another bloodline. It was, however, enough to earn them a small estate in the hinterlands of Beluaterra where they weathered the daimonic invasions by dint of being too remote to be of strategic value. In time their ability to spin trade with Unger into wealth led to them moving to the capital during the very end of the Sixth Age, beginning of the Seventh, and establishing their home. There they were granted minor peerage for their service to the realm, which they then used to try and catapult themselves into proper nobility through Aubin Ledoux's knighthood.

They have been, disparagingly, called sun fanatics at times. It decorates their heraldry, it shapes their architecture, it patterns their armor, and it peppers their speech. If there is any credence to these rumors no one is yet certain, for only Aubin has made himself known and his interests have lain almost solely with Thalmarkin. So far it only shows itself in the naming of the Banner of the Bladed Suns.

Notable Members

Name Class Realm Description
Aubin Ledoux Warrior Thalmarkin The first Ledoux to make a name in Beluaterra as a Knight of Lastfell.
Élodie Ledoux Hero Westgard Warrior daughter who traveled to Dwilight to find fame.

Notable Historical Events

As of yet, no notable historical events involving the Ledouxs have been unearthed from the records.

Event Date Realm Description