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Lyst is a young noble of from Eston on Atamara. He began his career as a knight of Massillion at the beginning of the 2007 war with Falasan, and it is no small coincidence. He has never forgiven the Falasan soldiers for breaking his favourite toy when they assisted the Massillion rebels. Nasty brutes.

After the way, Lyst turned to infiltration, intending to assassinate every member of Falasan (in addition to everyone else who has slighted him in some imagined way). He has a few assassinations under his belt, including the king of his sworn enemies (his crowning achievement). He later shifted to petty theft, extracting a penalty for their occupation in gold rather than their worthless blood.

Eventually, in late 1008, he was caught (for the umpteenth time) and deported to East Continent by 'those rat bastard Ithilians'. East Freakin' Continent! 'Bloody 'ell, I'd better not find meself in Ibladesh' he was heard to mutter as he boarded the ship.


Kent is several years older than Lyst and lacks his cousin's obsession with killing Falasan. He was briefly a trader of Ibladesh on the East Continent, feeling he was too old for the hectic pace of battle. He enjoyed travelling about the continent sampling the ales of different regions, but eventually found himself sickened by the constant bickering and incivility of Ibladesh' leadership and emigrated to Outer Tilog and he served as a bureaucrat. Kent fits in much better there, as his fellow nobles are friendly and know how to enjoy a little drunken revelry on occasion (or every night). Kent gladly fights to defend his new home, having discovered that war is not terribly unpleasant so long as you carry enough wine to get completely wasted during battle.


Kent's nephew Dretske was disowned, and lived an adventurer in Beluaterra. This is his great grandmother's doing. The old hag rules the family with an iron fist, and when Dretske fell afoul her hot temper, he was tossed aboard the first ship heading for far away lands.

Rumours have it that he was killed in December of 1008. Done in by a dread beast of unknown variety.


Leslie, too, is not recognised as a member of the Knuth line. She emerged in the Astrum, Dwilight in December 1008.


FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Family Prestige.png
Family Prestige: 20
FB Family Prestige.png
Family Prestige: 50
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
FB Investment.png
Family Investment
FB Unknown.png

The tenth fame point was achieved by a family investment in Outer Tilog city on 2009-06-28.

My ninth fame point appeared on 2009-04-09, the day after the family passed 2 000 gold in their coffers.

My eighth fame point appeared on 2008-10-04 mess or more likely two days before when Kent's battling pushed family prestige up to 50. (Kent reached 47/19, Dretske has 19/10, and Lyst has 66/21.)

My seventh fame point appeared on 2008-08-12 or shortly before. Recent events: I apparently found a unique item (discovered it in my items), broke 100 honour between all characters, lost the Wicked Scroll of Betrayal (seriouswound), assassinated a king.

My sixth fame point appeared on 2007-12-30. Why? My trader was captured in battle in Perdan, my infiltrator had nothing happen, and my adventurer had nothing happen. *shrug* I don't think honour/prestige changed (25/6, 73/21, 1/1).

My fifth fame point appeared on 2007-12-29 (or possibly earlier). Best guess is that it's due to my infiltrator hitting 50% skill (infiltration). He actually got an estimate of 55% on 2007-12-23, but that could happen while still below 50%. Since then, he's just been getting estimates of 50%, with improvements on 2007-12-28 and 2007-12-29.

I don't recall the exact circumstances of my forth fame point, but my trader has done a fair bit of black market work, so that may be it.