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This will provide a list, updated (hopefully) frequently, of known bugs affecting gameplay in a significant way. It should include major and minor bugs, as well as features that appear in the game but are not yet implemented, and things that appear to be bugs, but are, in fact, not. If you know of something that is confirmed to be a bug--not just something that you think looks weird--or you find something that is not implemented or that seems like a bug, but isn't, please add it to the appropriate section. All bugs poster here should include a link to the associated bug report(s)on the Bugtracker. Posting a bug here is not a substitute for filing a bug report!

The Bugtracker

The bugs listed here are ones that have significant impact on game play. This list is by no means conclusive, and may not be up-to-date. The final authority for the existence and status of any particular bug is the Bugtracker, located at You do not need to create an account on the bugtracker to view bugs. You can log in with the username and password of "guest" to file bug reports, or add information to existing reports. Creating an account will let you track bugs that you have reported or commented on, but is not required.

All bugs should be reported to the bugtracker. If you spot something that you think is a bug, check the bugtracker to see if it has already been reported. Reporting the same bug multiple times does not help. To check to see if a bug has already been reported, click the View Issues link in the top center of the page. Use the Search function to see if the bug has already been reported. Make sure you try several different terms, as someone else may not have used the same words to describe the issue. If it has already been reported, then check to see if you have additional information to add. If it has not been reported, then you can file one. Make sure to provide as much information as possible, including any errors reported by the game.


These are errors in the code, or in the database, that have a visible effect on the game to ordinary people playing. They will usually have at least one bugtracker entry associated with them. Remember that using the information here to gain an advantage in-game--or, in fact, to do anything but warn people to avoid the bugs--is an exploit, which is considered a form of OOC abuse/cheating!

The developers are hard at work fixing the bugs, and you can see their progress by looking at the Bugtracker. In the past, they also used to have "Bug A Week" goals, to help them keep on track.

Major Bugs

  • Secession Issues - When a city secedes, not everything is severed from it as it (seems like it) should be. This results in some odd situations like being able to send messages to vassals who are members of an enemy realm, or being able to see the standing orders of an enemy realm's Duchy army. [Bug #1448]

Minor Bugs

  • Appointment Bug - Fix did not work If a Council-member steps down and someone new needs to be appointed, the game will allow you to appoint immediately, but will throw a SQL error when you try, and not actually appoint them. It goes away after an as-yet-undetermined number of turns. Confirmed for General and Banker (so far). [Bug #1475]

Not Really Bugs

The first category here is things that are sort of bugs, but not exactly: they're features that Tom has planned, and has put some reference to in-game (like a link), but hasn't actually finished the code for. The second category is for things that appear to be bugs, but are, in fact, the expected behaviour of the code. That doesn't mean that it's sensible from a real-life perspective, or even that it's the way it'll always be--just that it's the way the code, in its current form, is expected to work.

Unimplemented Features

  • Shadow Government - A Banker option; no ETA on implementation
  • Army Features - They're being worked on.
  • Religion Options - Auto da fes and declaring religious states are not yet implemented.

Apparent Bugs

  • Combat Confusion - There are times when a battle seems like it should happen, but doesn't, or people come out on odd sides in a battle. This actually deserves its own separate article, which will be at Battle/Choosing Sides.
  • Taxes and Prestige - (bug report 1636)- Bankers have the option to give tax distribution points to a character's prestige. However, Tom has disabled this feature. It will still show up on tax reports and Bankers still have the option to use it, but no points are given out. Additionally, point distribution from the prestige category is not included in the "Check Taxes" report.
  • Martyrs - Priest have the option to change to this class. In real life, a martyr is someone who dies defending their religion. However, in BattleMaster, its just a hero with no other attributes or abilities.