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Alyssa Kingsley
Status: Alive
Continent: East Continent
Realm: Perdan
Titles Held: Imperatrix of Perdan
Margravine of Bescanon
Class: Cavalier
Honor: 86
Prestige: 31
Age: 24
Height: 5'8
Weight: Athletic
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Alyssa Kingsley is a Perdanian noble, knight, military commander, and peace advocate. Knighted at a young age, she went go on to lead the armies of Perdan during the North-South war becoming an inspiring figure. She has fought on numerous campaigns against the Northern Alliance including the Deception in Winkamus, the Oligarch Campaign, and the Butchery in Brive. She also led the operation to recapture Bescanon from the realm of Eponllyn and was rewarded with its ladyship.

After the death of King Kay Peregrine, she was whispered to be chosen for ascension to the throne, but did not have to, much to her relief, when he was risen from the dead by Gaheris Camlann, a Perleoni expert in the use of magic scrolls, including the spell of Healing. During the period between Kay's death and resurrection, Alyssa took over Perdan's diplomatic endeavors in Kay's place in addition to her role as Imperatrix, where she met with some mild success. After Kay returned to his throne Alyssa continued to serve under him with distinction becoming one of his most trusted advisers.

Alyssa also went to great lengths to end the North South war, speaking with foreign rulers, generals, and nobles from both the Northern Alliance and the Perleoni Empire to build bridges between the nobles of the realms of The Continent in the hopes of bringing the war to a peaceful close. As an advocate for peace, Alyssa attempted to repair relations between the North and South by speaking out against looting and the effects of war on the peasantry, as well as the role and purpose of knighthoood in society.

Early Life

Alyssa was born near the town of Whitewater, Bisciye, Perdan. Her father Adolus Kingsley was the grandson of Jonn Kingsley though his claim to the Kingsley name is somewhat tenuous. Her mother was a minor noble and second daughter of a minor family in Bisciye. While their family was not particularly notable or wealthy, they did own some land and a manor house where Alyssa lived the first few years of her life. Her life was relatively sheltered and she did not leave the estate often. Her only memory outside of Whitewater was one instance visiting the state of the reigning lord. Alyssa at one point in her early childhood had a pet dog. One night, a fire broke out under unusual circumstances and quickly consumed the entire Kingsley family house. Alyssa's mother was killed in the inferno and her father vanished without a trace. Alyssa was taken in by her aunt and uncle who owned a small patch of land and a modest tower near Whitewater Hollow at the forest's edge.

Her aunt and uncle provided for her education. Her aunt instructed her in courtly behavior, sewing, dancing, singing, etiquette and other courtly and ladylike behavior. Master Kingsley, a scholar who studied at the university and library in Aix educated her in the histories (his specialty), mathematics, writing, geography, and the natural world among other topics he felt it important for young ladies to know. While Alyssa was dutiful in her studies, she was much more interested in exploration and swordfighting, much to her uncle's annoyance. Eventually he gave into her inner warrior and hired an old sergeant-at-arms, Kelthan to serve as Whitewater Hollow's master-at-arms. As an experienced fighter, the old soldier taught Alyssa how to fight with a sword, and she learned much of discipline and warfare from him in between her uncle's lessons.

Master and Lady Kingsley were practicing humanists, though the religion had fallen and the temples closed, their faith remained and these values they passed to Alyssa. While they were not fervent they instilled within her great moral convictions to protect the weak and innocent and oppose wickedry.

Rise to Knighthood

In the Summer of her 17th year the village of Whitewater came under attack by a pack of voracious gnoles. When Alyssa heard the call to action, she grabbed her sword and rushed to the defense of the village, slaying many of the creatures and rallying the townsfolk and watch to its defense. Though she suffered a minor wound, the townsfolk repelled the attack under her leadership with no deaths and only a handful of casualties. For her heroism she was knighted by the castellan of Benjamin Pryde's castle in his name and bit to fight for Perdan as a knight of Bisciye.

Alyssa rushed her makeshift unit of soldiers to Winkamus to join with the army led by Kellan Dodger, after which she fought her first battle in Bescanon, suffering a minor wound, her entire unit was wiped out before her eyes which affected her deeply

Imperatrix of Perdan


Non-Player Characters

Graham Goldenfields



'Sullen' Gordon

Cal Reed


Pets and Animals


Starlight is a white mare destrier who has served as Alyssa's steed since her knighting. She was granted to Alyssa by Benjamin Pryde's castellan in Bisciye when she was knighted. She has served Alyssa loyally ever sent. Starlight was lightly wounded during the Butchery in Brive but had no lasting wounds. Starlight is a strong quiet warhorse. She is not easily spooked but is smart enough to preserve herself in dire situations, escaping when her life is threatened. She is typically protected in battle with silver plated barding, though in regular ride Alyssa rides her lightly. Alyssa is not an expert rider or jouster but she does care dearly for her beloved loyal steed, and is often seen petting her or showing other signs of care and affection. Starlight can be seen in many roleplays involving Alyssa both in battle and on long marches. When not being ridden Alyssa employs several grooms in her support company that ensure Starlight has all her needs taken care of.



Isana Everlight

Kay Peregrine

Alyssa came to know the King well early in her knighthood. After being directed to speak with him by Sir Nemean JeVondair on a personal matter, Alyssa began a correspondence with the king which included a great deal of discussion about honour and the role of the knight in society. Kay saw a lot of promise in Alyssa due to both her determined attitude and her desire to do good for the realm and her people, as well as her dedication towards the path of honour and righteousness. As a result, she was invited to the King's exclusive 30th birthday party where he welcomed her warmly, putting her more at ease with the upper nobility. Over the next few weeks they continued correspondence while Alyssa was in the field, becoming somewhat close. After the death of Kellan Dodger, Kay encouraged her to step forward for the role of general, which she did, and was chosen for the role.

During her tenure as Imperatrix of Perdan, Alyssa ordered an ill-fated assault that resulted in the death of her King. After his life was restored due to Duke Gaheris Camlann's efforts, Kay and Alyssa's relationship became strained. He often overruled her on matters and held her to an even stricter standard.

Nemean Jevondair Renodin

Dustiria Noire

When Dustira crossed the border from Bescanon to defect to Perdan, Alyssa was one of the first she encountered. Though shy she eventually found a friend in Alyssa and after Alyssa's rise to Imperatrix, King Kay assigned Dustiria to be her bodyguard. From then on Dustiria rarely left Alyssa's side, shadowing her in all things and swearing her life and sword to Alyssa.

Over the course of her tenure, Dustiria became one of Alyssa's closest confidants, friends, and companions. Present on all her campaigns and many marches, the two became close and helped each other with personal and professional problems, often discussing the relationships between love, honour, and duty. While Alyssa initially protested the appointment of a bodyguard, after being critically wounded during the Butchery in Brive, Dustira saved her life and she came to appreciate what Dustiria did for her and the two remained steadfast friends and loyal companions to each other.

Ulric Hawk

Lord Ulric Hawk of Az Zarqua was appointed as Marshal of Perdan's Golden Lions when Alyssa took command of Perdan's armies as Imperatrix. She considers him her most valuable asset and the two developed a strong professional working relationship. Alyssa admires his loyalty, dedication, and selflessness and he has praised her privately and publicly for her initiative, tenacity, and unwillingness to give up despite overwhelming odds.

She has considered him a vital part of Perdan's military and as one of the most experienced leaders of the realm, one of her most trusted advisers.

Lyanna Arylon

Alyssa and Lyanna met after an engagement between Perdan and Sirion in the region of Leibo. After peasant revolts prevented engagement of the armies in battle, Kellan Dodger and Lionel Kinsey exchanged taunts and barbed words, which Lyanna publicly rebuked both of them for. Sensing a potential bond between her and the other, Alyssa reached out to her and the two young women began to exchange letters and soon realized they were similar in more ways than they were different. Lyanna described their relationship as "kindred spirits".

Despite being on opposite sides of one of the largest conflicts in The Continent's history, the two maintained their close friendship, though the war at times strained it. Alyssa has confided closely with Lyanna and considers her one of her dearest friends. The two held a great deal of respect for each other and both women sought to bring peace to their respective realms.