Kingsley Family

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Humble Beginings

The nobility of the Kingsley family begins with the story of Leonard Kingsley, a lowly warrior in the Ash Sea Islands. Leonard was from a family of merchants who wandered Atamara buying and selling goods. When he was a child he traveled with his family and saw many realms of Atamara. He fell in love with the one called Ash Sea Islands. When he was old enough, he left his family's caravan and traveled to Ash Sea Islands where he became a lowly warrior in the Army of Aja. When he personally saved the Stronghold's steward during a battle, the steward bestowed upon him his eternal gratefulness and convinced the duke to grant him a title of nobility. Leonard became a minor noble and served Aja for most of his life. He married and his wife bore him 3 children. Later he would retire from military service to the Ashlantean capital of Ser'quea where he lived the rest of his life, dying 17 years after his youngest child was born.

The Kingsley Brood

After the death of their father, the Kingsley children, Jonn, Sidd, and Jennifer went their separate ways. Sidd headed north to live with his uncle while in service as a young knight to Count Kinlinan of Crahandan. Jennifer sought travel and something other than the life of an Ashlantean woman and left on a ship for the mysterious continent of Beluaterra. Jonn himself stayed behind, young and hopeful that he would become a mighty knight of the Ash Sea. Eventually, Jennifer would have many travels before finally settling down in Fronen where her ultimate fate is still unknown. Jonn left Ash Sea Islands after many years to travel as well, having many adventures of his own. Sidd dedicated his life to the realm of Minas Ithil, eventually becoming her king. He was killed in the last stand of York.

The Next Generation

Sidd had a son whom he named Caleb. After his brother-in-law Caleb York, who died commanding the Army of Ser'quea (a post held previously by Sidd's brother Jonn) in a battle against the Tarans in Aja. Caleb was left in ruins of York after a successful assault by the armies of Minas Leon which killed his father. Jonn also had a child, by his wife Mischa Valejo. However she was born while Jonn was away and was unaware of his wife's state. When Jonn returned to Beluaterra, the island was torn asunder by the daimons of the 4th invasion. His wife was reported to be dead, and unbeknownst to him, his child was taken back to her family in Tara on Atamara. When Kassandra came of age she began a quest to search for the father she never got to know.