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The History of Jarbosh

Little is known of the man called Jarbosh. The only man known to have seen him for who he really is, is Morgan Darby, and he has given only a few pieces of information regarding this man's life and deeds, and even less about his origins.

What little Morgan has made known is this. Jarbosh lived not so long ago, in a land not so far away. He was an evil man who had gained much trust in that kingdom. Whether he did this by his charm and cunning, or by more dark and devious methods has not been revealed. He was reputed to be a sorcerer of some talent.

It is rumoured that his power, which they say was beyond comparison, was gained in an act so evil it is only spoken of in the most hushed of tones. Many of these rumours claim this act of great evil was the selling of his soul to the most evil of spirits, in exchange for power and skill in magic the likes of which had never before been seen. Others say his power was gained in a ritual all members of his family undergo in childhood, the binding of their spirit with that of a demon. Annother that he may himself be a demon given human form. And still other rumours give reasons so dark and horrible I dare not even write them here. I shudder to think on them.

Let us go on to more facts revealed by Morgan lest those dark rumours drive me mad. Jarbosh was especially good at spells of the sort that would create darkness, block out the sun, and cause people to sleep indefinitely. He was also dabbling in insanity charms.

Luckily, Jarbosh's evil plans were uncovered, and Morgan helped to put an end to him and his plots. Although none have seen his body, Morgan swears that none could have survived that final conflict.

Though I wish I could end this tale on a happy note, I must mention the few recent Jarbosh sightings. The first, in Melhed during the monster invasion. The second, also in Melhed just after they reclaimed Bil Havil. The third, in Fontan near Oporto just before the dawn of the Week of Endless Night. And most recently, his name could be heard, in the most hushed tones of fear or reverance, on the lips of priests and cult leaders around the East Continent prior to the volcanic eruption. Let us pray these are only tricks of the wind and shadows.