Itorunt Informer/Issue 2

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The Itorunt Informer
Price: Free! Written by the Exiled Family. Bringing you the best of the press from Itorunt! Issue number 2, February
Articles Included in This Issue: Political schism in Itorunt, Member of the underground identified and fined, Diplomatic muddle up in Winkamus, and political overview of the realm, Information on Lucian's plan for the realm.
Political schism in Itorunt
Today a series of trials have been held by the Arch priest of Itorunt, Ryndhal, to ascertain the identities of members of the underground. This action was provoked by conflicting views in Itorunt over the hot topics of the battle in Winkamus (see below) and possibly moving the capital. Moving the capital was a radical move suggested by an enterprising troop leader of the realm with an idea to reduce supply routes by over 100 miles. This idea was supported by a number of nobles of various ranks. Unfortunately, Emanuel, King of Itorunt, disagreed with the idea, claiming that in the past this plan had failed. Despite this statement being contested by some influential TL's on the public message board and one knight pledging to change class to bureaucrat, Emanuel refused and ordered an investigation into certain troop leaders, and then passed the information to Ryndhal demanding that one troop leader be banned immediately. Ryndhal then issued a public message saying:

"Investigations have been carried out, and it a meeting of people conspiring in a rebel underground has been witnessed and reported.

We have names of some of those involved!

You have one day to explain to me just what you are doing as a member of this organisation or there will be banishments from this Realm. Even after I have recieved explanation there may well be banishment, but before issuing the punishments, I will at least give you the opportunity to explain.

You know who you are, I know who you are, come to me and explain now. Or be banished by morning!

Sir Ryndhal Arch Priest of Itorunt, Duke of Semall" Due to the investigations of Emanuel being unsubtle, the offending troop leader knew that it was him that they were referring to, and subsequently confessed immediately. More on the aftermath below.

Member of the underground identified and fined
A member of the underground, mentioned above, was investigated by the secret police run by Emanuel to disclose particulars about him. When it was discovered, he admitted to Ryndhal that he was a member of the rebel underground, and explained his reasons for joining. Ryndhal refused to ban the offending troop leader without trial and has now fined him 50 gold, saying "If you leave the rebel underground movement, so that if you are followed in the future, there will be no evidence you are involved, I shall find reason not to banish you... I will however need to at least issue a fine for it, based on the reasoning I will give for you being a part of it." Later in the same letter, he also said "Whatever may happen in the future with other positions, I very much intend to stay as Judge throughout... Even when I may disagree with leadership, I at least have control over the punishments given out". An anonymous TL had previously said "I'd put gold on the fact that Emanuel and Ryndhal know no one else in the rebellion and are relying on implying they know names to have people step forward themselves."
Diplomatic muddle up in Winkamus, and political overview of the realm
Due to a lack of communication of orders, the combined forces of Ibladesh and Itorunt attacked Ubent, causing strife. This has recently been exposed, with Gopherman, former ruler of Itorunt, showing private correspondences with the ruler of Ibladesh, Sorcha, expressing concern with Emanuels actions. A large discussion followed, which this scribe would die of writing up, so it shall not fully be included. This discussion was largely sparked off by the exposure of the member of the underground, and Emanuels actions have caused concern from troop leaders both lowly and high in the hierarchy, with prominent members of the council such as Aurodu the Hawk and Ryndhal issuing statements to the realm with their point of view.

Although Emanuel has not officially issued a statement saying he will step down, many believe he soon will, and two candidates have already been making their eligibility known, namely Lucian and TK Jones, duke of Itorunt. Lucian has been gathering some popular support by calling for greater communication, promising to be a warrior king, "the first to charge and the last to retreat." He has also issued statements supporting Aurums new trading business expanding into the sale of beer, and new battle plans are being formulated, to overwhelm the enemies latrines with laxative beers. TK Jones, on the other hand, is far more serious, claiming his right by experience and good relations with our allies. While he has thus far not elaborated any plans for change, some believe that the military will benefit from the past experience of TK Jones, as general and as ruler. Other possible serious contenders for the throne are Girate, Count of Ejarr Puutl and Gopherman, Marshal of the army of Xavax.

Information on Lucian's plan for the realm
Today, this scribe was granted audience with Sir Lucian Vincent, ruler candidate, former general and prestigious leader of the new establishment of ARSE (Alchohol Refinery and Sales Emporium). Lucian proceeded to lay out his plans for the realm, citing the need for greater communication and clearer laws and hierarchy. When asked how he would create better communication, Lucian said "When a decision is required, the realm, not just the lords but the whole of the realm, is allowed to debate what we should do. While the decision is eventually up to me, I'm far more likely to follow a path the realm, as a majority, approves of than disapproves." When commeting on the current hierarchy Lucian said "The judge will do the judge's job, the general the general's, the banker the banker's and the ruler the rulers, with as little overlap between. Too much conflict has been caused because the ruler stepped in for the general or the judge was forced to make judgements he didn't agree with." Current laws have also been criticised by the hero, saying "Clearer laws and rules. We should, instead of occasionally reminding people, write down all those rules that we expect people to remember. People shouldn't be punished for rules that we never told them of. People shouldn't be banished or fined without warning, either. We should look at the evidence. We should not punish people for following orders. We need to have it so that people are not afraid to say things or do things, as I think they are feeling in some way now." In conclusion, and the option which is the most likely to swing votes, was Lucians view on his new appointment. One major aim of his was to have "Free ale from ARSE whenever you're close by to one of our major suppliers." This scribe certainly hopes so! In summary, the former general said "Basically, we need to make discussion more open, more equal, and keep people in the roles they play, not having people take over for others as we have seen. make people more active, make people proud to be part of the realm."