Itorunt Informer/Issue 1

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The Itorunt Informer
Price: Free! Written by the Exiled Family. Bringing you the best of the press from Itorunt! Issue number 1, January
Articles Included in This Issue: Campaign against Perdan considered successful by Ibladesh and Itorunt, Background information on the Hierarchy of Itorunt, and The next moves? What the army thinks.

News on the Campaign on Perdan
The Campaign on Perdan struck deep into the enemies territories, hitting Lorient, Clermont, Ar Mosul and many more regions with a force not usually seen this far south in the East Continent. In an exclusive interview with a hero of Itorunts army who wished to be kept anonymous, the troop leader said "We hit them hard. I dont think they will recover easily from this blow, given that our army marched all the way around Aix, cleared out all the Militia, razed fortifications in at least one region and looted their taxes and burnt their food. They will be waiting a long time before they can secure that front again. Oh but it was fun; you should have seen the amount of Perdan forces whou ran at the very sight of our army!"

His brother, who also wished to be kept anonymous, said "I think we could all look back on this and think that we did a damn good job of clearing out our enemies. Though we lost many men, Perdan lost many more. The inspiration for this campaign came from Auroudu the Hawk, our recently appointed high marshal and marshal of the army of Itorunt, and the Paladin Primus of Ibladesh, Barzelli, both great men, who both deserve a great amount of praise for their actions." However, not all went well, and minor trouble was brewing between the two nobles Aurum and Lord. Lord, who was not especially inclined to be friendly, was arguing with Aurum over the state of war we had been in previously, said "war is war" in response to Aurum stating "Yes, we were at war with them (Perdan), yet we didn't have an official war. We could have gone on that way." After the return of our lady Celeste the next day, countess of Aeng, Aurum and Lord were again discontent, with Lord telling Celeste and Aurum that "no one cares" about them, to which Aurum replied sarcastically "Thank you. It is deeply appreciated. Your overwhelming sense of duty to make me remember something so inheritantly important shall never be forgotten" In spite of this minor disagreement however, the campaign went on and was successful, and popular opinion is that the army is currently reforming to relaunch an attack.

The next moves? What the army thinks
Today the Itorunt Informer took the liberty of asking several average troop leaders what they thought of the armies plans. While a few were discontent, most were happy with the organization of the army. "If we didn't like the way it was run we would have stayed at home and protested," said one soldier in Itorunt's main army. "As it is now, the realm has been run very well, our General worked in tandem with the rest of our hierarchy and our allies Paladin Primus, and the effects were devastating to Perdan."

However, when he was asked what he thought the army would be doing next, he mumbled excuses and finally revealed that he "didn't think that Auroudu would be pleased if he told". However, in another interview with a knight of one of Itorunts core regions he said "You can be sure we're not going to let this one go. We will attack Perdan soon, but I cannot reveal whether we intend to head back to recruit and resupply or whether we will just wait until Perdan moves out to attack again (i.e., we are misdirecting)." When asked about rumours of looting, a hero said "Well, you can look at it this way. Ok, so it may have been wrong to loot. But hey! I am certain that Perdan would do the same to our allies, and even do the same to us if they could fight their way through. So while we spared them their puny regions from takeover, we were not about to let our enemies go quietly."

Background information on the hierarchy of Itorunt
Naturally, we have all seen and heard about the hierarchy of Itorunt, in all their greatness. But who are they, and what have they done in the past?

Sir Emmanuel, the king of Itorunt The foremost authority, often he fights with the army on the front lines commanding his men. He has some power over the army, but otherwise does not use his position to affect anyone, preferring to watch the other members of the hierarchy do their job and step in only when neccessary.

Auroudu the Hawk, High marshal of Itorunt Recently appointed, he has the authority over the army. He is also the Marshal of the Army of Itorunt. A master strategist, his only drawback being a tendency to sleep later than everyone else in the army! He is one of the few Generals who have acheived their position without being landed nobility.

Sir Ryndhal, Arch Priest of Itorunt, Duke of Semall He is the right hand of the law, but his job is fairly easy as most people in the kingdom are loyal.

Sir Manfred, Banker of Itorunt The man in charge of our trading relations, a hero by trade who often kills monsters whenever they surface in our realm. Though he rarely appears on the front, he is still a very important man in our hierarchy.

In a suprising turn of events, the ruler of Itorunt, Sir Emanuel, has been caught in a scandal over refusing to OOC ban a new member of the realm, responsible for the heinous crime that few dare to say above their breath in case it should be heard by the titans. The crime is, of course, multi-cheating, and when the foolish character who did so admitted to it,the titans intervened. Emanuel has now been temporarily incapacitated in his role as ruler, but is expected to return within days. Emanuels defense was that decreeing an OOC ban cost him Prestige, which has been denied by the powers that be. Upon hearing this, the many troop leaders of our realm said that these circumstances required him to be banned in any case, but these restrictions were very harsh.

In other news, Auroudu the hawk has annouced he is temporarily leaving his post for 2 weeks. He did not wish to specify his reasons, but with Emanuel temporarily disabled from his ruling post there is no clear general. Lucian, Marshal of the army of Semall, has taken control, and is dealing very capably. He also has been giving the whole realm crash course lessons on both the basic and advanced elements of combat, and his knowledge of military strategy is unsurpassed by any other known troop leader. His lessons are highly valued and recomended by the higher levels of authority. To quote one troop leader, "I din't know much about the uses of Archers and Mixed infantry. But now thanks to Lucians great teaching I can make better choices about my unit rather than just sticking with the same type because I don't know any better."