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Count of Crahandan

When Hammarsett declared war against Coria and the Cagilan Empire Winter publicly announce his claim, or "dibbs," on the region of Menedor. After the region was conquered and given to Lord Kurohyou Bakos, Winter convinced King Regulus that in return for ignoring his claim, he should be given the Lordship of Crahandan, Lord Kurohyou's former region. The King agreed and in a ceremony led by Duke Sigurd Havarth Crownguard Winter was appointed Count of Crahandan. Winter was twenty years old.

A Very Pretty Scar!

The army of Hammarsett, aptly named the Berserkers, marched all the way south-west to join in a mass fight in the city of Calis. The young twenty-one year old Winter was there and had the majority of his unit (thirty infantry) wiped out except for nine wounded men. He was lightly wounded during this battle gaining a very pretty scar across the left side of his chest and his left arm. He was proud to be wounded in the battle and is glad to return home with something to show. He did not have an opportunity to loot the city, much to his disappointment.

More Women Than Man!

Much later, while Winter was busy improving the military contribution of his region Crahandan by building its finest recruitment centres he met two ravishingly beautiful women who offered him a life of bliss in exchange for all the comfort and luxury they demanded. Although they could have been succubi or sirens out to leech his soul, he accepted their offer without hesitation and resigned from public life. A few seasons later, Lord Winter reemerged to public life weak and drained. The history of his time with the women is unknown either because his memory is shot or he wishes to keep it hidden. Nevertheless, he now seeks to reconstruct his life as a noble of Hammarsett.

Count of Lyton

Winter served as Vice-Marshal of the Berserkers of Hammersett for some time until his duties suffered from time constraints. The war took a heavy toll on Lyton, the region he lords, and so he decided to concentrate on improving the region after several consecutive losses.

Killed in Action

On the 1st of May, 1012, Count Winter fought in a glorious battle in Lothruin and died. Hammarsett and its allies Darka and Minas Ithil attacked Coria. During the battle, the archer unit Ranging Death, led by Sir Eragon of Coria, caught Lord Winter on his flank and annihilated the entire unit, including the Lord.

Hammarsett mourns his loss:

Report from Scar Warhawk
Message sent to everyone in your realm (23 recipients)

Can this be true did my lord die in a battle defending our honor this can not be happening can someone post the battle report to see of what happen to Lord Winter

Scar Warhawk (Knight of Lyton)

Roleplay from Fatih Kalkandelen
Message sent to everyone in your realm (23 recipients)

All Hail to Winter Ironsides HERO of Hammarsett.

May we all find a death as beautiful as his one day.

Lo, there do I see my father.
Lo, there do I see My mother, and my sisters, and my brothers.
Lo, there do I see The line of my people...
Back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them.
In the halls of Valhalla...
Where the brave...
May live...

Letter from Korvian Shadowbane
Message sent to all allies in the region Lothruin (43 recipients)

Word has reached reached my camp of today's tragic events. My condolences to the family of Count Winter Ironsides and the entire realm of Hammarsett. Lothruin was a hard fought battle and his death was truly heroic as he was the last of his men standing on the battle field and he stood firm until the enemy struck him low. House Shadowbane salutes the valor and bravery of this fallen warrior who has given everything he had including his very life for the sake of defending his realm.

Korvian Shadowbane (Knight of York)

Letter from Sigurd Havarth Crownguard
Message sent to everyone in your realm (23 recipients)

Friends and comrades,

It is with sadness that I see my friend Count Winter taken from us in a conflict we are forced to fight because of small minded individuals. However, the envy I have for his seat in Odin's great hallfills me with the fervor to carry on. He will be missed, but there is no doubt he feasts and fights alongside all of Odin's warriors and all of our fallen heroes down through the ages until the days of Ragnarok are upon us.

With Lyton bereft it's lord, I raise Sir Scar as the new Lord of Lyton. His devotion to the people there and familiarity with them is unprecedented. Please raise your horns filled with mead or ale with me to celebrate Count Scar and to see Count Winter on his way.

Sir Sigurd Havarth Crownguard
Duke of Shanandoah, Duke of Shanandoah

Letter from Einherja Blackmore
Message sent to everyone in your realm (23 recipients)

I will drink in his name tonight.

He is lucky, he fought till the end on the battlefields, with honour.

Our enemies are attacking un during the night, burning our food and lying instead of talking.

I hope to follow him sooner or later.

Sir Einherja Blackmore (Knight of Crahandan)

And more unrecorded...

His father, Lord Bowie, Count of Ashrak and Coffermaster of the Morek Empire, received word;

Roleplay from Bowie Ironsides
Message sent to everyone in your realm (28 recipients)

Bowie sat in a solar in his rented apartment in Unterstrom. Trading was a lucrative business but it could sometimes be an arduous one. While the Empire fought against Summerdale in the north, he fought his battle in the market of Unterstrom to the south. How he wishes he was marching! It was a long time since he fought in a war, nearly ten years now. The last war was a political struggle against the theocrats of Aquilegia. It was a civil war. The new conflict between the Empire and Summerdale was one of posturing and superiority. He liked its bedrock of clashing Empires. As he sat and reflected on his current position a black letter was delivered to him. He never expected any mail today, but then again who ever expects black letters? He opened it;

Dear Lord Bowie, I regret to inform you that your son, Lord Winter, Count of Lyton, a hero of Hammarsett, was killed in battle in Lothruin yesterday passed. He was an outstanding noble, a virulent viking and a respected and liked noble. His realm mourns him, his knight clamors for revenge and his people cherish his memory. I hope you find this letter well.

Winter? Dead? Bowie dropped the letter and buried his face in his hands. Not Winter! Anyone but him, he was supposed to be my successor. He was the heir to my princedom in Sallowtown. His older siblings were not cut of the same cloth. Only Winter, who was so much like his father, could handle the responsibilities of carrying on the Ironsides name to glory and greater wealth. Now he was dead, at the young age of thirty.

Bowie tucked the black letter in his front pocket and walked over to the balcony, overlooking the city of Unterstrom. In the distance he could see the mausoleum of Grandmaster Deverka. Would Winter be remembered the same way? Was my son not as great, as fierce and as active as any other man? He was a Count, he was a Vice-Marshal for a time, and he was a good viking. What a noble way to end, fighting against the enemies of your realm. In a way, Bowie was pleased that his son was killed. It concluded his short but glorious life in a way that further living could never do. What could Winter hope to accomplish? Royalty? Generalship? Perhaps. But now he belonged to a whole new rank of nobles, the fallen. Winter lived well and died magnificently. Bowie was proud of his son. Tears fell down his cheeks. If only he got to see him one last time, to tell him how proud he was. Perhaps when Bowie leaves this world he will see his son again. When Souls reunite.

Last Stats as of Death

Physical Age: 30 years

Main Class: Warrior

Sub Class: Hero

Honour: 66

Prestige: 28

Gold: 84

Bonds: 0

Status: (dead)

Time Pool: 2

Funeral message: In a large ceremony, your family commemorates the dead Winter, a legend known all over the world. For days, the family graveyard swarms with his friends and admirers. Artists compose songs and poems about him, and young maidens cry in their chambers.