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Taranis Ironsides

Son of Malena, cousin to the Jagur and Valdemar offspring, Taranis serves Minas Leon as commander of the Legion of Minas Leon. He was a knight of Mansbridge until early May 1013 where he was appointed Lord of Uforth by King Raoul De La Fere. He became Marshal of the Legion in late May 1013 replacing Marshal Ciryatan of Umbar who was promoted to Field Marshal.

Battle Acclamations

  • During the vanquishing of Minas Ithil, Taranis participated in the Siege of York - beginning mid February 1013. This was his first battle ever. During the third vault of the fort, Taranis wounded Sir Brandon Salvatore of Minas Ithil.
    • Brandon Salvatore, Knight of York has been wounded by Thunder Knights (17).