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Ramsey Ironsides

Son of Valdemar, younger brother of Magnus Ironsides, and cousin to the Jagur and Malena lines of the family. Ramsey serves Armonía beginning as a knight of Ejarr Puutl living in Puu Tower. He seeks to be a renowned warrior, aiming to make his name and build a reputation on the battlefield. On 20 September, 1012, Ramsey was appointed Vice-Marshal of the Armonian Rangers. On 22 December, 1012, Ramsey was promoted to Marshal of the Armonian Rangers. On 20 June, 1013, Ramsey was made the Vice-Marshal of the Armonian Combat Elite, the active force in the field, rather than the Armonian Rangers, which became a reserve force. On the 11th of July, 1013, Ramsey was appointed Lord of Oc Lu Pesh.

Battle Acclamations

  • At war with Eponllyn, during the Battle of Ejarr Puutl of 9 July, 1012, Ramsey captured Sir Oswald Perth of Eponllyn. This was his first major battle, occurring about a week after a few solo bouts with monsters in Enubec and undead in Aeng.
    • Oswald Perth (Knight of Ejarr Puutl, Eponllyn) has been captured by Knights of Ramsey (17).