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Hades served the Way of the Warrior Saints as an Archon Major and a respected theologian in Atamara. Originally, he was a proud knight of Menedor commanding an infantry unit known as the Fireball in the Army of Menedor, and was a member of the Spirit of Falasan guild. Since he began the Mission to Rotherthorpe to bring the faith to Minas Ithil he became a knight of Rotherthorpe. While spreading the faith in Rotherthorpe, Hades met a noble beauty and fell in love with her. They were wed in a small ceremony in the temple of Rotherthorpe, and their relationship is briefly chronicled here, Hades and his Girl. It was revealed on their wedding day that Cimiko was in fact pregnant with twins. The twins were born two months after the wedding and they are Titus and Ariadne Ironsides. His persistence and inquiry has led to the discovery of two lost warrior saints, Saint Maggus and the Imperceptible Saint. Knowledge of the Imperceptible Saint was shared with Hades during his stay with the monks of the Order, commonly, and pejoratively, known as the Cult of Occultation. This cult is an exclusive esoteric community, and any knowledge of the Lord in Occultation is jealousy guarded from outsiders. It is still unknown how Hades was able to acquire their trust.

Hades died of pneumonia in Rotherthorpe at the age of 23 on the 12th of March, 1009. He was buried in a small local ceremony beside the temple. His wife Lady Cimiko and their children, Titus and Ariadne, moved to Leohampton to be with her family.

Hades discovering Saint Maggus

Discovered Warrior Saints

Priest of the Warrior Saints

Knight of Rotherthorpe

The Death of Hades