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Caper of the Fourth Point:
1. Unknown point: Unsure of where it arrived from. I noticed it on (25-07-08). Nothing much had changed the past week for my characters. Maybe a cumulative honour raise? They had been fighting. Also, I had been expanding my characters on the wiki a lot, maybe that was taken into account. Could it also be for time spent in game? At the moment of noticing I was 62 days in game...Oh, Bowie's attributes pie is mainly red, maybe that had something to do with it?
2. Fourth point: Noticed on (29-07-08). Again, no idea where it came from. I really think we should be notified when a person's fame increases and for what reason. How else are we able to track it? I have reason to suspect that it came from Armstrong reaching twenty prestige. But that happened well before. Maybe, number three was the Armstrong twenty and the number four is the unknown one? That is how I am to record it...any objections please say so.
* I have discovered the unknown point. It seems you get a point for breaking 50 cumulatively too. I did not know this. That settles the Caper of the Fourth point! Thanks!
New Mystery:
1. Yesterday (25 Oct/08) I noticed two more points of family fame. No one was active much, my internet has been terrible. It's another puzzle to solve...
2. Now as I have understood it, family prestige is what is cumulative, and regular prestige is for individuals. so as Armstrong has reached each prestige mark before the others, than it is him who earned the fame for the family. this plus the others reached the family prestige, 20 and 50. those i overlooked last time i investigated. but that still leaves one point uncounted for. how is one able to check their skills, such as leadership or preaching? Armstrongs leadership had increased, and i have never had any mention of hades preaching, but he has been doing it routinely.
3. I have seen the bar for the Outcast fame point. How does that measure? Bowie was banned by Madina back in September, and yet I see that point on the 25th of October. Surely the delay cannot be that long...I won't attribute it to this yet, but later on I might just for the hell of it. Who's going to call me on it? Ha!
*I have decided to do exactly this. It looks good for Bowie's reputation. (Even though I received this point nearly a month after Bowie was protested out of office in Fissoa and then banned from Madina.)
1. I noticed that none of my characters have 50 prestige, and so having that count as a fame point was wrong. and none of them add up to 100, so i do not have that fame point. so i relocated the fame point from the mistake and gave it to hades' preaching skill. it is the least i could do with him.
2. I was correct to do this, as on 23 of Feb. 09 I trained Hades oratory skill in an academy with an expert, but the trainer said he could not do it because hades' skill was higher than his (which he said was 80%). So if they give a point for preaching skills, then Hades certainly got one.
Duke Points
* Bowie became the Duke of Sallowtown by appointment after he took it over on April 29 2009. As of May 1st his two points for this have not been accredited. Two points were added by May 08.
New Unknown
1. The very day I bought the Battered Jacket from the North I received two fame points. One for sure was because I bought the unique item, and was recorded as such, and the other I have yet to figure out. The date for this entry is July 10th, 2010. Hmm...Now that I think more about it, what I remember is that I began arranging for the unique item to enter my possession, at that time I only had 18 fame points (i can't be certain i always had 18 before, but i only noticed the change from 18 to 19 the day of the unique item acquisition. i am pretty sure i would have noticed earlier, which is why this is all such a mystery. how could i get two points in one day when i only accomplished something that grants one point.....). Then, the day I was to buy it I logged in and saw 19. Interesting. Then I acquired the unique item and earned my 20th fame point. So my 20th is from the Battered Jacket, and the 19th is the unknown. I have no idea what changed before that unique item arrived. Maybe i got the point for anticipating a purchase, or for some glitch? nothing remarkable occurred in my other characters lives. at least nothing that i remember now.
Even Newer Unknowns
1. On 02/16-12 a new fame point was noted (increasing my usual 21 to 22). I have no idea how I earned this. In the past few days my characters have done very little. One fought some undead, another fought militia and peasants, and the other did absolutely nothing. It can't be prestige or wealth, it can't be new title or skills, it can't even be any other event. So this one is another shrug.
2. On 03/23-12 a new fame point was again noted bringing me to 23. I have no idea how I earned this one either.