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Bowie and Arabell

How he found her

It was not long before the young Dulbanic knight Bowie Ironsides made his home in the town of Drowenton before he found a woman to suit his young new life. She was the daughter of one of the local magistrates, which made her of noble blood, but more than this, he found her to be of noble heart. Arabell, beauty of Drowenton, never noticed Bowie while he was establishing himself within the circles of Drowenton’s elite. She usually paid no attention to male suitors, thinking that a man worth courting her could never be found. Never is a useless word to love.

Arabell caught Bowie’s eye the first time he saw her at one of her father’s pageants. It was a cool fall night as the nobility of Drowenton gathered in the manor of the town magistrate for another jubilant pageant, much like the one where he first saw her. Bowie came along with his servant Hurloak and his captain, Heimar. They were all young men seeking a good time, but Bowie’s agenda was to make the first contact with the woman of his dreams.

Bowie was introduced to the gathering with the proper splendour, and as he made his round politely saluting the various peoples, his eyes constantly scanned the ballroom looking for her. Arabell, unknowing that there was a predator about, was having a joy with the younger crowd of the families. Her two sisters, her younger brother and all the noble youths made their own circle during these routine festivities, the older crowd was generally out of touch in their opinion. Bowie, being three years older than Arabell, and a well positioned noble, was expected to participate in the society of the night, and while he tried to do so as best he could, he continuously found himself trying to find Arabell.

As the night moved on, Bowie decided to abandon the society altogether and make a more aggressive reconnaissance of the room. The night would be a waste if he did not complete his mission. It was no matter that he had shaken hands with the town elders, with the towns’ top officials, the high judge, the chief of the militia, or any other hand of prominence. It was Arabell who would make the difference.

Finally, he found her. She and some of the other noble youths were laughing and having fun of another youth who was making a fool of himself due to the drink. His eyes found her face and his heart melted. He began to walk towards her with the intentions of introducing himself, yet as he came closer he lost his nerve and darted for cover under the stairwell.

Captain Heimar saw him from across the room and came over to find out what he was up to. Bowie tried to brush him off, but could not. So he excitedly spilled his secret agenda. “O, what a heart I have, melted by the sight of her. I found her Heimar. I found her!” Heimar took one look and knew immediately who he was looking at. “Would you like me to intercede Commander?” “Dear me no friend, that would lose my grounding. I must do it myself…as soon as I work up the mind to do it.”

After a quick encouragement, Bowie found himself pushed out of the stairwell by Heimar right into view of the group of youths. They all turned and noticed the knight stumble and recompose himself. Bowie nodded and walked frigidly into the group, his eyes on Arabell. She blushed at his gaze and covered her mouth. The others were curious as to what his aim with her was. He looked right in her eyes, held out his hand and managed to choke out, “May I have a dance my lady?” The group broke out laughing at him. Arabell joined in a little but tried not to embarrass him too much. “But, gentle Sir, there is no music playing at the moment? To what are we to dance too?” Bowie realized his mistake and shuddered inside. Then, with a quick return, he made another offer. “As it is…. Well m’lady, May I have a walk with you a little?”

Arabell’s younger brother piped up with a suspicious cork eye and questioned Bowie’s status and name. “I am Bowie Ironsides, knight of Drowenton, commander of the Iron Toughs, and a soldier of the Fissoan Privateers.” Not very impressive the young man said. Nevertheless, Arabell noticed that he was an attractive knight, youthfully handsome and his eyes allured her like she had never seen before. However, she remained hardened to her custom and tightened her lip. “Sir Bowie, while I think your offer charming, I foresee an issue arising.” She said assertively. “What is that, oh, my fine Lady...” Bowie froze solid for a moment.

“For if I am to accept your offer to walk then I would surely have to accept every other offer which comes my way. Many nobles have already asked to my decline. Would our stroll not offend them?” She looked to the others to see what their subtle opinions were. Her brother was obviously skeptical, the males were holding back their amusement, and the females were egging her to accept the offer. “I see...that would be an outcome undesirable.” Bowie responded this way to buy himself a quick second to think of a way to negate her claim. All hesitancy left him as he swelled inside to secure his walk at all costs. Finding Arabell was the fulfillment of his heart, and he would not be defeated for the expense of other nobles. “While that may be true, I would find it a greater offence to miss out on the experience of walking beside you. If I may insist, this night would be a dream realized if you would only take a few steps with me. I promise it will be no more than a few, and the society of this evening will be none the wiser.” “Trying to steal a walk are you!” Arabell’s younger brother chimed. “Certainly not, I am only trying to share in the surreal brilliance and grace of your sister. She explains how many other nobles attempted this very same feat, yet, the difference between them and I is that I am able to keep a secret, if she is.” He looked at her with a sly smile.

An intriguing expression. she thought. That smile made him seem like he was more than a fool. Arabell became slightly more interested in what this young knight was about. After the approving nudges and grunts from the females in their company she decided to accept his offer. They took a stroll on the terrace of the manor under a starlight sky. That was the first night they became acquainted

His marriage proposal and their wedding

A while later after some time of courtship, Bowie returned from another terrible campaign against the Monster Scourge. This one was particularly devastating to him, for his brave and mighty unit, the Iron Toughs, were buried to the last man by the monsters, and Bowie was sent back to Fissoa City wounded.

Arabell collapsed in tears when she was told the news of the battle results. She feared the worse even though she was told that Bowie will heal. It was too much for her. She was a strong woman inside; able to absorb much of the difficulties of life, but the near death of her love broke her. She began immediately to prepare her trip to Fissoa to visit the recovering knight.

After a day and a half of travelling, she crossed the boundary marking Fissoa Fields and the city and found her way towards the hospital. It was a fairly busy collection of tents and a stone building or two. Many nurses, healers, apothecaries, and soldiers trotted about. She heard the wails of some wounded men having surgery performed on them. She also accidentally walked into a tent full of freshly wounded men at arms and had a glimpse of what the monsters were capable of. The carnage was obvious.

Arabell tenaciously continued to find the bed of her love, walking where she should not walk, and interrupting and asking any she thought knew a direction. Then, one nurse told her the location of Bowie and without delay she found him.

Hanging in a cot with cloth bandages wrapped around his shoulders and his chest, Bowie lay immobile. He heard her voice from afar speaking to the nurse who had tended to him earlier. He tried to sit up and take notice. When Arabell entered, the sight of her relived his pain as if euphoria had calmed his wounds and sedated his pain. She saw him and dashed over as a lovely dove would fly over a field of flowers. Glorious, he thought, the incomparable beauty she was.

She fell into his arms and they passionately kissed, except the kiss was short because the pain quickly jolted him back to his senses. She knelt beside him and held his hand.

“Arabell, you found me. In all this misery and pain, you found me.” She tried to stay with him through the night, but the medical officer of the army would not allow it. “I will return to you in the morning my heart, be ready.” “Nothing can stop me my jewel. I will await you.” That night, Bowie resolved to ask her hand in marriage, and marry her as soon as he had healed completely.

When she returned the next morning, she found Bowie standing up, though not without aid, and trying to keep the pain from overcoming him. She worriedly tried to get him to stay back in his cot, but he would have none of it. He said he was going to do it right. She was unaware of what he was referring to until he struggled to get to his knees and hold her hand. He pulled out a decorated cloth and wrapped their wrists together, then without waiting for her reaction he confessed his heart and proposed the marriage. Her tears of joy answered him, and they embraced so sweetly you would think they were a mirage, a fantasy of love.

Bowie and Arabell wed in a lakeshore ceremony a month after he was in full health, in the fine port town capital of Fissoa City. It was attended by the local nobility of both the city of Drowenton and the city of Fissoa. Bowie had found his jewel, and Arabell had found her heart. Their young love had now made its first eternal commitment, and they were locked in marriage.

The birth of their baby boy

Nine months after their wedding night, Arabell gave birth to their first joy, a baby boy. Bowie was off campaigning against the monsters when he heard the news and sent her all the gifts he could collect from his camp. They wrote letters to each other as much as they could while he was away, and the one that notified him of his son’s birth made him overjoy.

Bowie took an opportunity to do the necessary rituals of introducing the baby boy to the family and the household when he returned to Drowenton to fight off the monster scourge. They decided to name the boy Avandor. It was a short, but blessed occasion.

Appointment as Judge of the Grand Duchy

It was raining one late afternoon and Arabell was inside sewing a blanket for baby Avandor. A messenger then arrived with exciting news.

“Lady Arabell, and Ironsides family here in Drowenton, I have news from Fissoa City.”

Arabell allowed the messenger to enter, and their servant Palombell brought Avandor into the room with them. The messenger was given a towel to wipe his wet face and he spoke his message.

“It has been known to all in the Grand Duchy that Sir Bowie Ironsides has been selected by the Grand Duke personally to become the realms next Judge. Congratulations! Congratulations!”

Arabell and Palombell both cheered with joy, and baby Avandor began to cry from the sudden noise.

Arabell quickly went to her desk and drew up a letter to be sent with the messenger to her husband.

Bowie my heart,

I have just heard the news of your achievement! How glorious our name will become! Little Avandor burst into tears because me and old Palombell loudly cheered for you, he is so sweet. I firmly believe that you will be able to perform your duties with utmost precision and dedication. I know you to be a great man with proper principles and correctly set morals. I know that you are probably on the floor worried about what you are to do, but do not worry, for I am your wife and I love you, I know you will do just fine. All these things I am certain. How fortunate for the Grand Duchy to have put such a just and practical man into this position. The Grand Duke must have a fine sense of your character.

The Ironsides name is beginning a new career on this continent. It is what your uncle has always wanted for you. You are truly uplifting the nobleness of your family. I am sure that your brothers and sisters will be proud of you when they hear the news (and I bet Armstrong may be a bit jealous, I have heard the stories of your competitions).

We are all proud of you, my father will even be happy for the news. You know how he always writes you off as a foul up, now he will begin to learn otherwise.

Little Avandor sends his love.

Your jewel,


She then returned to the other room and carried Avandor outside to watch the messenger ride off.

Take the Money and Run

Bowie looked at the sack of gold on his desk and bit his nails. He could not help but wonder all the great things he could do with this money. He knew that it would be his disgrace to keep it, and knew that he would be hailed and exalted when he fairly distributed it to those in need.

On second thought, his eyes flashed with a future of glory, a future of victory, more than all, a future of power! Only a fool would renounce such an opportunity. Only a fool would stare at a bag of easy gold and not claim it for his own. Taking it to some other land and raising himself to royalty. There was no other way to do it. After all, he thought, that was the only way the royalty of this land came to power.

His fingers cramped at his mauling teeth. He was split down the middle. Do the right thing, or do the noble thing. It was a question too many had faced before him and failed. It was a matter directly relating to the heart of the man presented it. It irked the conscience, it clawed at the principles. It was a diabolical question. The answer of which would make a man an angel or demon.

This was a question in which all nobles fear to face in reality. Bowie’s answer was to do the right thing.

Take the money and run.

The Fall of Bowie

Arabell stood on the lawn outside her estate weeping. Looking out into the distance she knew what had happened. Her husband, who was a great and noble man, had abandoned her and their child for gold. He succumbed to avarice. This fate was unbearable for her and she could not restrain her misery.

Little Avandor ran from the side of the stable chasing a little bird. He ran in a circle after the chick then noticed his mother in tears. He walked over with innocence and said,

“Mama, why ya cryin?”

Arabell knelt down and took him in her arms.

“Avandor, your father is dead.”