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After Supreme Justice Moira ruled the same decree as Former Supreme Justice Duncan on the matter of Count Jon Paul's destruction of the Congress of Democracy, Chancellor KatalynFae Dragul tried to mend the rift between the two once friends.

Roleplay from Katalynfae Dragul

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KatalynFae was glad that the whole trial business was over, again. She was still saddened by the rift between her husband and her friend Lord Armstrong.

She was on her way to Ashforth. When she got there and managed to secure lodgings, she could invite Lord Armstrong to dine with her.Perhaps she could find a way to settle this matter between them. After all, she had been able to arrange for peace between Fontan and most of the realms that had been at war with Fontan, surely she could bring two who had been friends back together again.

She called for her scribe and dictated a letter to Lord Armstrong;

My dear friend Armstrong,

I shall arrive in Ashforth with the dawn. I will be taking apartments there as I will be there for a time helping Lord Elberan with region maintenance there. As most of our armies are on the refit at this time, I would very much enjoy having your company for dinner. I will make sure that there is plenty of ale and apple mead to wash down whatever wonderful meal cook can prepare for us.

Please do come.



She instructed her messenger to see it delivered to Lord Armstrong as soon as possible. Watching the runner on his way, she turned her thoughts to Ashforth and the alliance with Westmoor as she once more headed with her men to Ashforth.

Lady Katalynfae Dragul

Chancellor of Fontan, Marshal of the Flow Administrators

Roleplay from Armstrong Ironsides

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The Hero of Democracy hobbled toward a carriage after he was let out of the hospital tent. A recent attack in the night left him lightly wounded. Another scar to bear. Fortunately for everyone scars can't kill him.

When he entered in before he could direct the driver where to go, the drive pulled out a letter for him.

"Lord Armstrong, letter from the Chancellor, says she wants you over for dinner in Ashforth. Can you make it?"

Armstrong paused.

"Guess I cannot refuse the Chancellor. To Ashforth, man."

"You'll get fed if that's what you are worried about..." The driver thought to pitch in.

Armstrong overlooked the comment.

"Drive soft, I'm still bleeding. Why do I always go to social events bleeding. Remember the last one? When I dressed up as the Combateer in Braga? I couldn't use that costume again after that."

"Blood is a hero's colour, Master."

"Don't I know it."

As Democracy Triumphs On!

Armstrong Ironsides (Lord)

Roleplay from Armstrong Ironsides

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Our Hero of Democracy finally arrived at the Chancellor's apartment. He exited his carriage and leaned onto the door. He sighed and looked at the driver.

"Say, you hungry?" He said,

"Sure am Master. What you got on your mind?"

"Maybe you take this cloak and these clothes and go in there for me?"

"I think the Chancellor would know the difference."

"Good point. Well, sure I can face enemies aplenty like no one's business, but social calls I am a bit hesitant..."

"Get in there Master, she's not going to bite."

Lord Armstrong nodded and walked towards the apartment entrance, entered and found his way to the lady waiting at the lobby.

"I am here to have dinner with the Chancellor, if you would please notify her that Lord Armstrong has arrived."

The woman's eyes glowed at the name.

"The Hero of Democracy? Oh my!"

"From your dreams to reality." He said indifferent, he was still tired from the travels.

"I'll be back down in a moment Lord, please make yourself comfortable."

"Very well."

And the Hero found himself a couch to sit on. He checked his bandage and saw it to be needing change.

"Ah nuts, going to itch me the whole night."


Armstrong Ironsides (Lord)

Roleplay from Katalynfae Dragul

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KatalynFae had instructed cook to see that there was a fine meal for the evening. She had also made sure there was a sufficient supply of Commonyr Red Ale and her family's Apple mead available for her guest. She was putting the finishing touches on her outfit and her hair when her maid knocked on the door to announce that the Hero of Democracy had arrived. Her maid was certainly starry eyed at having met Lord Armstrong in person. KatalynFae smiled and told her to let Lord Armstrong know she would be down in a moment. She dabbed some lavender water on her temples and turned to go down stairs.

As she descended the stairs she thought to herself that this would indeed be a test of her diplomatic skill. She only hoped that her skills would prove to be enough.

KatalynFae was distressed when she reached the place where Lord Armstrong rested because she saw that he had been wounded in the most recent battle. He rose as she entered the room and grimaced as he bowed to her.

"Lord Armstrong, I am so pleased you could join me. Are you going to be allright?" The concern in her voice was evident. Lord Armstrong blushed, "Oh this, tis nothing my lady, a mere scratch. Takes more than that to truly harm the Hero of Democracy!" The maid returned, obviously still in awe of the chancellor's guest, and announced that dinner was served. KatalynFae smiled and motioned for Lord Armstrong to follow her.

After they were seated, KatalynFae took a drink of her mead, followed by a long breath and began, "Lord Armstrong, my dear friend, this business between you and Lord Jon Paul has me most disturbed.It saddens me to no end that two who were such close friends are in a situation such as this. I know that the guild has been rebuilt. Jon Paul has shared the design and his notes on the completed guild with me. He has had the help and advice of Duke The Revenger in it, as well as that of Lord Basilius. He has discussed with me his hopes for its ties with the newly recreated Democratic Guard. The army was done at the request and with the advice of the highest ranking members or the FMA."

KatalynFae paused and took another sip of her mead. "I realize there have been many harsh words pass between you. I believe much of it was said in the heat of anger, and things said in anger are often not meant when that anger cools. What then can be done to mend this rift between the two of you?"

Lady Katalynfae Dragul

Chancellor of Fontan, Marshal of the Flow Administrators

Roleplay from Armstrong Ironsides

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The Hero of Democracy sat down with the Chancellor and sipped the Apple Mead. It was tasty and sour as apple drink usually is, and he liked it.

The Chancellor wasted no time and got right to the heart of the dinner. Somehow he knew this was what it was all about.

He put down his glass and played with his fork for a bit then said,

"Oh Chancellor, this will not be so cut and dry as you may think. Your husband has done a rotten thing to me, a close friend of all people, and I am bereft to know why. Had I insulted him? Had I excluded him somehow? Where in our past relations could I have wronged him for such a calamitous decision to be made against me? The truth is in fact opposite. Of all of our time I have treated him as a near brother, just as I consider you like a sister. Where was that feeling of kinship in him when he razed the Congress? Was it not worth the time to think about? I can understand that it was not popular, but just like that? Without a second thought? That, my friend, is harsh beyond words."

He tasted his food and paused to let the Chancellor hear his words deep.


Armstrong Ironsides (Lord)

Roleplay from Armstrong Ironsides

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Lord Armstrong then returned the fork to his mouth to eat a few bites. As he chewed he thought of what sort of outcome would come from this dinner. He had hoped it to be pleasant, but he could already tell there might be some teeth pulled. The whole feud with Count Jon Paul bittered him and he was not in the least on the recovery. Perhaps the Chancellor could change that, he wondered, that is if she was as diplomatic and smooth talking as he hoped she was.

"This is a tasty meal Chancellor," He said to lighten the atmosphere. He waited for her to answer.


Armstrong Ironsides (Lord)

Roleplay from Katalynfae Dragul

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KatalynFae smiled at Armstrong’s words, but in her heart she was sad indeed. The anger in Armstrong went deep. More than that there was a hurt that fueled that anger. She wasn’t sure there was any way to convince her friend that Lord Jon Paul had not done anything in anger toward Armstrong, nor was it anything done with the intent to harm him. She was sure that no one had known the depth of feelings he had had for the Congress of Democracy. It was his dream and for a time it had been taken away from him by Jon Paul’s bad judgment in closing the guild to regain the gold he had lost in it. There was also the loss of An Najaf which Jon Paul to which Jon Paul had now been elected Count.

“Dear Armstrong,” she began, “I know that the loss of the guild was a terrible thing for you. Dreams are always hard to see die, but yours isn’t dead, it has been rebuilt and stands to be stronger than it was before.” She paused, taking a drink of her mead, “I also know, if you really are honest with yourself, that you much prefer the life of a soldier to that of a stuffy Lord worrying about the crops and hearing the drivel of the peasants in court. You are a hero, the stuff legends are made of…you would stifle behind a desk. Yours is a life of war and adventure. Not as mine dealing with smiling diplomats that say one thing and do another.”

“There have now been two trials, and as far as I know, Jon Paul has done everything demanded by both of the verdicts. In fact the second trial caused quite a stir, to the point where some of the nobles started refusing posts about it. And the poor scribes, I heard mine complaining to my maid that he was exhausted from the work of it.” She smiled, taking a bite of her dinner which was now getting to be cold, “What would you have him do my friend, throw himself on your sword? Would that bring any good to Fontan and the democracy that you love? No indeed, it would rob Fontan of not one but two, fine nobles. Because I truly believe in my heart that you would mourn the loss of Jon Paul and the guilt of his death would haunt you from that time on. He has rebuilt the guild as I said and given you a place of honor in it, a place only you could fill. How better can your guild serve Fontan, than as both a place to harbor democracy and teach its meaning, and as a place for the army named for that democracy and charged with its protection to use ensure the effectiveness of that army by providing a means of communication and as a way to make sure funds were available when and where they are needed?”

“There is truly no more that I can say on this matter. I can only give you my plea that two I care for greatly could come to some understanding and remember the friendship that was, when my friend offered me a place for my wedding not so long ago.”

KatalynFae took one last bite of her meal, and motioned for her maid to clear away the dishes. The maid returned shortly with fruits and a dish of honey to dip them in. The honey was from Evora saved from another time when life was less complicated.

Lady Katalynfae Dragul

Chancellor of Fontan, Marshal of the Flow Administrators

Roleplay from Armstrong Ironsides

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Lord Armstrong finished his glass and answered the Chancellor. His voice was stuck on itself, speaking with passion and heart.

"Chancellor, my friend KatalynFae, you are correct to see what I am, to see through me. I am a mere mortal man. Trapped in emotions and bound by an hour glass near empty. What life I live is attached to ideals and principles which are immortal. Democracy is one of them...perhaps forgiveness should be one too. Though what was lost will never be returned, out of its corpse a new life must be sown. Though my trust in your husband will not be instant, nor will I have any affection for him for some time, I am willing to forgive his misgivings and cooperate to forge something new. Together, we will build a new future for our Democracy and from this my wounds shall heal. I will join his army and make it great. I will join his guild and make it great. I will put his dishonour to me in the past and restore what has collapsed. Should he wish to make an apology to me, he may, but only if he understands the reason I wanted to kill him. The reason I followed through with the charges against him to the end.

What your husband has done was an act of tyranny. For some, a lesser one, but to me there are no degrees. While I cannot claim to hold to absolutes, I will commit myself to saying that I fight against the opposite of what I live for. How can I allow otherwise? To do so would be to accept corruption, another lesser tyranny. Count Jon Paul, my good friend, performed a tyrannic action by destroying a community without reason or consent. He assumed his power gave him the right to do this. That is tyranny. What was I to do? Look the other way? No. Never, be it my own brothers or sisters I will not accept tyranny. I had to kill him. The only other solution was more time consuming, more exhausting and the greater fight. I had to teach him a lesson.

In all my Democratic faculties, waging a legal battle against the Count was one of the greatest. It cost me dear friendships. It cost me the near loss of faith, a great deal of doubt, and loneliness. But it is exactly these sorts of battles that are worth fighting for, worth living for, and worth dying for. Without consequence and risk there is no joy in life, there is neither appreciation nor richness. Perhaps that is the essence of a hero's heart.

I will forgive your husband. I will, so long as he realizes what he has done and corrects himself. Then I will accept him as my friend and brother. Then I will grant him reconciliation. Until then, we will only be acquaintances by profession.

Thank you so very much for this dinner. I have always admired you and your great achievements. You may teach me a thing or two about diplomacy one of these days, and maybe I will teach you how to sing."

He put down his fork and smiled a tired smile. Then, returning to his jovial self, said,

"So, I hope you are excited to follow a career of academics in the natural sciences. The Elementalis Academy welcomes you with respectful arms. Have you read my theory of Heat Generation? It was my Composition to earn my Masters. If you wish it, I offer my intellect as your tutor."

Armstrong Ironsides (Lord)

Roleplay from Jon Paul Ogren (23 minutes ago)

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Jon Paul Finished reading the letter from his beloved wife and one from his SIC concerning Lord Armstrongs desire to join the DG and smiled.

He then pulled out quill and ink along with a piece of Parchment. He considered just calling for a scribe but threw that thought out of mind immediately. This letter must be by his own hand, It's content was that important. No mistakes could be afforded.

Dear Lord Armstrong,

I would be honored to have you in the DG. You would make a fine addition to my this army. Your skills as a warrior are shadowed only by your reputation as the Hero of Democracy.

But before you join us, and fight by my side, there are a few things I must say to you. Things that are not easy for me to say, things that should have been said some time ago.

I have come to see that my actions with regard to the Congress of Democracy did touch on the Tyrannical. And that I acted in anger and frustration when I dismantled it. For this I offer my deepest apologies. In the recreation of the the Guild I set a rank with in it that cannot be held by any but you. And if your were to rejoin the guild, your position would be guaranteed in honor of the fact that you were its original creator and its largest benefactor. You have done much for Fontan, Sacrificed much in the name of Democracy. I wronged you in this and I am sorry.

Though i may have had the right to do as I thought best for An Najaf, I should have sought another avenue to fix the situation first. You and I were the strongest of friends, you allowed me to get married on your beautiful Estate, and until my rash choice to dis-mantle the guild gave each other support in all things. I hope we can rebuild our friendship over time.

That being said, if you truly wish to be part of the DG, I would welcome you with open arms.

Sincerely yours,

Count Jon Paul Ogren Marshal of the Democratic Guard

Jon Paul finished the letter, Salted it to ensure that the ink would not run and folded it and sealed it with wax. Inserting his personal seal into the wax.

Only then did he call for a scribe.

"Have this delivered immediately to Lord Armstrong with all haste"

The scribe took the letter.

"Yes Sir"

Sir Jon Paul Ogren

Count of An Najaf, Marshal of the Democratic Guard

Though the invitation was given, Lord Armstrong was offered a position as vice-marshal of the Fontan Strike Regiment to be groomed as its Marshal. He did not sign up with the Democratic Guard.