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The Iltaran family hails from Bruck in the East Continent. Long simply one of many lesser noble families, the Iltarans have nonetheless given loyal service to the Counts of Bruck for many generations. Perhaps owing to the turmoil of the region in recent years, with control of Bruck passing from Oligarch to Fontan to Perdan to Westmoor, several of the younger scions of the family have left the home estate to serve various causes; notably the Kingdom of Old Grehk in Beluaterra. The Iltarans have a longstanding connection with the Tanos Family of Poitiers. At present, Valdus Iltaran is the Head of the Family; however the success of his sons Maedros and Askarn has complicated the situation.

Askarn Iltaran

Lord General of Old Grehk, Count of Junohep and Silver Feather of the Order of the Golden Feather, Askarn Iltaran has achieved success far beyond the wildest dreams of his family. He is the middle son of Valdus Iltaran and engaged to Duchess Caitiri Ja'Brai, Madame Chancellor of Old Grehk.

Upon coming of age, Askarn travelled to Old Grehk in Beluaterra in answer to a request for aid from the Tanos family. Shortly after he arrived he fought in the unsuccessful defence of the capital Ossmat against Fronen. Due to his family connections Askarn was appointed Vice Marshal of the Army of Old Grehk, serving under his distant cousin Victus Draco Tanos. Despite his youth and inexperience, Askarn made his mark soon after. Finding himself without orders from his superiors he ordered a successful diversionary attack. While trivial in itself, it followed a series of defeats and raised the spirits of Old Grehk's nobility. Under the guidance of Queen Skye Uceek and Duke Jurrd Vallejo, Askarn increasingly took charge of Old Grehk's military strategy. Rewards followed, he was swiftly appointed Count of Kell, Marshal and finally High Marshal of Old Grehk. When Queen Skye abdicated the throne, Askarn succeeded her, despite being not yet twenty. As King he continued to lead the armies of Old Grehk while the War of the Nine Realms spread across the entire continent.

Having drawn in all but one realm on Beluaterra, the War of the Nine Realms came to a sudden end as the Fourth Invasion began; with Daimons, Monsters and Undead ravaging the human lands. Old Grehk spent most of the Invasion fighting against the Undead alongside Melhed, Sint and Thalmarkin.

Maedros Iltaran

Duke Maedros of Westmoor is the eldest son of Valdus and brother of Askarn and Faed Iltaran.

Savra Iltaran

Savra is the son of Halden Iltaran and the cousin of Maedros and Askarn. He initially travelled to Madina in Dwilight and became Baron of Fatmilak there. As a member of Grand Council of Madina he spoke in favour of war with Terran and participated in a successful raid against them. The tide soon turned though and the war ended in disaster with the city of Paisly being lost. Crushed by the defeat, soon afterwards he travelled to Old Grehk at the urging of Askarn.

Since then Savra has remained largely in the background, generally assisting his more prominent cousin. After the Fourth Invasion he lead the White Tiger Legion to assist the newly founded realm of Nothoi, helping establish an alliance between them and Old Grehk. Now one of the most experienced warriors in the Kingdom, he serves as part of the Military Council and occassionally as a Marshal or Vice Marshal in times of need.


Born and raised the son of a ship master in Springdale, Wrogam long ago dismissed the tales of his great grandfather's estates and servants as a fanciful delusion. With his family ruined and wanted by the Watch for murky reasons, he fled the city to seek a new life hunting down beasts that infest the countryside.

Though he learned fast and managed to escape the mark on his head, Wrogam's luck ran out in Cortlandt, just south of the city he grew up in. Following a tip from another adventurer he tracked down a Monster Alpha, but instead found himself trapped by the creature's warband. Wrogam, lost scion of the Iltaran, was never heard from again.


  • Maedros swears an oath to Duchess Evangeline Uceek of Westmoor and joins the Westmoor Tactical Force
  • Maedros joins the Church of Humanity
  • Savra swears an oath to Count Laithe Songslayer of Paisland and joins the Madina Border Patrol
  • Savra swears an oath to Baron Halicos Stalker of Fatmilak
  • Maedros is wounded, fighting in the Battle of Sermbar.
  • Savra becomes Baron of Fatmilak
  • Askarn departs for Beluaterra
  • Askarn swears an oath to Countess Jilesponie Nightbird and joins the Army of Old Grehk
  • Askarn is promoted to Vice Marshal of the Army of Old Grehk
  • Askarn is appointed Count of Kell
  • Askarn is promoted to Marshal of the Army of Old Grehk
  • Askarn is promoted to High Marshal of Old Grehk
  • Savra participates in a Madinan invasion of Terran
  • Askarn is seriously wounded during the Second Battle of Vatrona
  • Savra is wounded while attempting to retake Paisly
  • Savra emigrates to Old Grehk, swearing an oath to Askarn and joining the Army of Old Grehk
  • Askarn joins the Order of the Golden Feather
  • Askarn is elected King of Old Grehk and steps down as Count of Kell
  • Askarn becomes Iron Feather of the Order of the Golden Feather
  • Maedros joins the Elite Legion of Oligarch
  • Third Invasion begins on Beluaterra, Askarn makes peace with former enemies in Avalon, Bara'Khur, Enweil, Fronen and Thalmarkin.
  • Maedros becomes a member of Westmoor's Military Council
  • Maedros participates in a successful counter-rebellion against the rebel Scheckyos Achillien in Westmoor
  • Maedros becomes the first Grand Master of the Paladins of Humanity
  • Maedros is appointed Count of Hagley
  • Askarn steps down as High Marshal of Old Grehk and Marshal of the Army of Old Grehk
  • Maedros becomes Lord General of Westmoor and Marshal of the Elite Legion of Oligarch
  • Askarn is severely wounded while defending Ossmat, but survives. Iltaran Huscarls wiped out.
  • Maedros and Askarn are removed from all posts
  • Askarn is appointed Count of Lezzel
  • Maedros is promoted to Vice Marshal of the Westmoor Column
  • Askarn is appointed Lord Chancellor of Old Grehk and banishes Duke Victus Tanos. He steps down shortly afterwards
  • Maedros fights a duel with Laszlo Umpeta Perticta, emerging victorious
  • Askarn steps down as Count of Lezzel and is appointed Duke of Ossmat
  • Maedros is reappointed Count of Hagley
  • Maedros is promoted to Marshal of the Westmoor Column
  • Askarn becomes head of the Order of the Golden Feather
  • Wrogam leaves Springdale to seek his fortune
  • Maedros becomes Lord Treasurer of Westmoor. He steps down as Marshal of the Westmoor Column, remaining as Vice Marshal
  • Savra becomes Marshal of the White Tiger Legion
  • Maedros takes the throne, becoming King of Westmoor
  • Wrogam is killed in Cortlandt, fighting a Alpha Monster
  • Faed travels to Arcaea on the Far East Island and swears an oath to Duchess Dentara of Lasop
  • Vanimus comes of age in Westmoor
  • Faed becomes Vice Marshal of the Field of Honour
  • Maedros defeats a rebellion against his rule, led by Arica Maldives
  • Maedros steps down as King of Westmoor. Shortly afterwards he is appointed Duke of Westmoor City
  • Askarn steps down as Duke, remaining Marquis of Ossmat
  • Savra briefly serves as Marshal of the Grehkian Legion
  • Askarn is reappointed Lord General of Old Grehk
  • Maedros holds a tournament in Westmoor City



Iltaran Family

FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 0th Day
(Askarn, Maedros)
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 10th Day
(Askarn, Maedros)
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 100th Day
(Askarn, Maedros)
FB General.png
(Askarn, Maedros)
FB Judge.png
FB Banker.png
FB Duke.png
(Askarn, Maedros)
FB Lord.png
(Savra, Askarn, Maedros)
Sum: 12 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
(Maedros, Savra, Askarn)
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
(Maedros, Savra, Askarn)
Sum: 5 points

FB Tournament Host.png
Tournament Host
Unique Item
(Maedros, Askarn)
FB Marshal.png
Lead an Army
(Askarn, Maedros, Savra, Faed)
FB Guild.png
New Guild
FB Prophet.png
Sum: 8 points

FB Skill.png
Sum: 1 point

FB Unknown.png
Sum: 3 points

Total: 29 points

* Askarn recieved the Prophet Fame points due to a bug after taking leadership of the Order of the Golden Feather. ** One of these unknown points may be for 100 Family Prestige. Seems that theory was wrong. The most recent unknown point might be for Askarn giving my first recommendation to an adventurer (less likely possiblities are Maedros becoming a hero or Askarn turning 25).