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House IGhost

The history of House IGhost is not a long one. The family was never of importance or was ever noticed until a young man got decorated for saving his king as a soldier in Redspan. He received a patch of land with a castle and the title of knight and became the first known IGhost. He is also the founder of family traditions that take place on the family grounds of which none should be discussed in public.

The family doesn't worship any higher being and it only serves the evil in the world. It is known to raise sick and twisted minds. They worship death and are raised in blood and destruction. The family has no mortal enemies.

Morth (oldest of the three brothers) is a council member in Outer Tilog.

Bisshop currently is a servant of Arcachon's Overlord.

Zedd (youngest) is Chancellor in Fontan, he has been exiled from the family by Morth because he is to weak in heart to wear the name IGhost.

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