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On this page RP's of Hullu Hullu Cosula will be gathered.

Roleplay from Hullu Hullu Cosula (6 days, 4 hours ago) Message sent to everyone in your realm (21 recipients) Hullu stepped down from ship. This was his first time away from home mansion, so that he remembers. He was born at Thalmarkin on Beluaterra, but were shortly after his born, cause times were desperate, monsters and undeads were roaming all over the continent.

Hullu never had friends. He was strong and pretty athletic, but he didnt talk much and his social skills were far from good. His family didnt want him to leave, they didnt think he was mature enough to take care of nobles duties. Hullu didnt care about his family talks, infact he didnt care what people think or talk about him, or anything. He just wanted to experience things. He wanted to taste, smell, touch, hear...

Hullu had good clothes, nice looking sword, which was his grand uncles old sword. He got 15 men under his command.

He ordered his men to search if there is any scouts and healers around whil Hullu figures out where he and his men are needed.

"Finally, Finally i get on action..."

Message from Hullu Hullu (6 days, 1 hour ago) (a letter left at the guildhouse of the Halls of Luria in Grodno) Hullu saw guildhouse, looked sign "Halls of Luria!" Intresting he thought... he stopped one peasant who was walking by. "Hey you! Stop there... what guild is this?" Peasant watched this young man and said: "Sir, i dont know..." Hullu: "Go on, do what you were doing... Dwilight aint diffrent than Atamara, you have to do all by your self..." Peasant: "Yes sir!" and peasant continued walking towards barracks... Hullu walked in to guild house, there was guard who asked "Good Day sir, would you like to join the guild?" Hullu: "No, atleast not yet... what is this guild about?" Guard: "Sir, i'm not allowed to talk about it, but i can deliver message to guild members?" Hullu: "Hrmph... ok, go and ask what this guild is about? I will not join some guild without knowing what guild it is..." Guard: "Yes sir, i will ask..." -HH Hullu Hullu Cosula (Noble) --- Roleplay from Hullu Hullu Cosula (5 days, 4 hours ago) Message sent to everyone in your realm (23 recipients) Hullu came to Outer Giask. Place looked nice, there was small villages side by side, a lot merchants and barracks.

Hullu had changed few letters with Mattias Bowker, who seemed to be fine man, mayby he could one day be loyal servant for me.

Hullu examined closely his estate, checked all the fields and greeted personally every cottager who worked for him. He made it clear, everybody need to fill requirments what Lord has placed to them or there would be serious penalties and fines.

He heard how one of the cottagers son whispered to another boy something. Hullu fired cottager and spanked both boys good.

"I'm not here to play games or joking around. I'm here to make sure my lords property is taken care well! If you cant handle it, someone else can!"

Hullu smiled and said "I think we all now know how to proceed from here?"

And he walked away. Told his officer to gather men and prepare to travel towards Capital. We need more men! --- Roleplay from Hullu Hullu Cosula (4 days, 8 hours ago) Message sent to everyone in your realm (23 recipients) HH entered to city of Giask. It was great city.

He went towards military barracks. He talked with officers and examined men available to being hired.

Too bad he didnt have much gold on his pockets, he had cheque given by his uncle which he can use if he gets in desperate situation. Whadda heck, this is like it, i need more men. He went to bank and raised 100 gold from family account. Recruited 10 strong and well equipped young men. Those guys didnt look like veterans, but they had good armours and weapons. These men will one day be elite troops he thinked.

"Now, i just need to be assigned to army, it is time to start get some name and fame!"

He ordered his men to train a bit, while he will be away...

HH walked around the city, he saw young woman with small baby begging on the street. "Do you want to earn 2 gold coins?" HH asked from her. She replied "Yes sir, what you want me to do?" HH: Come with me.

Lady and baby came with HH, HH finally found temple. HH said: Go there and give your baby to them to take care of it. After that young lady like you can earn her living. That child is just burden to you and child will have better life on the temple! I will give you 2 gold coins for new clothes and so you can clean yourself up. I will give you 2 gold coins every time i visit on this city, as long as you do what i tell you to do. You will sleep with people i tell you to sleep.

Woman looked horrified. She didnt know what to do, this young man was mad. What he wanted from him. What would he do if she doesnt obey him? But she also thought her child, this young arrogant noble also had a point. She was not able to give her child proper life. She had lost his husband year ago, few months before she got her son. She didnt have family, and her husbands family had abandoned her after her husband died.

She said: Sir, i will survive, i love my son! HH: Will love be enough? Can you eat love? Will love give shelter to your child when winter comes? Woman put her head down... HH: I will meet you here again tomorrow. Make your decision, come here same time tomorrow if you want to become my servant.

Then HH gave her some fruits he had bought from square and said: I hope you will do right decision.

He turned away, smiled and thought "She will take my offer... she will be mine..."

Roleplay from Hullu Hullu Cosula (3 days, 23 hours ago) Message sent to everyone in your realm (23 recipients) HH heard speech of the King. King seems to be nice and strong man, mayby he will be good servant for HH at future... time will tell.

Roleplay from Hullu Hullu Cosula (3 days, 11 hours ago) Message sent to everyone in your realm (23 recipients) HH went to Temple where he had agreed to meet beggar woman. While he was walking there, he wondered if he had dozed poison right to the fruits... he had done exactly as old lady had told him. 1 drop will only cause stomach ache to healthy man. 2 drops would cause quite bad diarrhea for day or 2 and 3 could cause even death... 6 drops would definately kill in 2 days.

HH had put 1 drop to each fruit, so if mother eats 2, she would be pretty sick.. HH had assumed that she would eat 1 or 2 and would have given to her child 1.

Finallly HH arriwed to temple, he felt warm good vibration through his body when he saw woman sitting at stairs of temple and crying. "Success!" he thought and had hard times to avoid saying it loud.

HH: "Good Day!" Woman didnt reply, she looked pale. HH: "Have you consired my proposal?" Woman bursted to crying again HH: "Your child is now on better place, he will be taken good care at the temple, come with me and we will get you back on decent shape... finally your life is about to turn better again" Woman stood up and wiped tears off from her face and nodded... silently she was able to say "He died.." HH: "Oh, how sad... Cmon, we should be going already!I will take good care of you..."

HH got on the bad mood, he was happy that child didnt were on the way anymore, there was no danger that woman would change her mind cause of the child anymore... but he got uppsett cause things didnt go as he was planning... "That old lady must pay for this!" HH had backup plan that he would threaten to send child to Beluaterra if woman would not obey him.

HH and woman went to buy some clothes to woman, those would be ready in few days... then they went to spa HH gave some money to woman and said she should go and take a good bath, then he told her to come Inn where HH was living atm. "There is room for you, it has been paid for month. I will have to leave town soon, you will have time to get settled, when i get back i will have some job for you."

HH went back to his men... he was semi happy until he saw camp close by his own. There was experienced and well trained and equipped soldiers training... He wanted that kind of unit. When he arriwed to his camp, he ordered his men to train like mad.

Roleplay from Hullu Hullu Cosula (1 day, 2 hours ago) Message sent to everyone in your realm (24 recipients) HH hide his disappointment about missed battle.

Real army should not work like this... Order to march and slay monsters, then someone marches without army there... He should be fined for disobeyance... he will not be good servant of mine.

Roleplay from Hullu Hullu Cosula (10 hours, 34 minutes ago) Message sent to everyone in your realm (24 recipients) HH was still thinking how he missed his first battle.

But he had great hopes, generals letters gave impression that action was about to come... but then again, King informed about peace to being achieved.

"what crap is this... First they order to hunt monsters which was complete failure, few hotheads attacked without armys support. Then told us to refit quickly and prepare to march some serious looting run... then King tells that we will have peace"

HH were really bad mood. He told his men that he will go forward to see that road is clear and make sure we are on right path.

He rode few miles, he saw 2 men resting and eating on the side of the road. They had ox carts.

HH greeted them, men felt a bit uneasy at front of young noble.

HH unmounted from his horse and joined their firecamp.

2 men were silent, HH tried to have conversation with them, but got only short and blunt answers... he started to be annoyed by them, and men also started to feel even more uneasy and they said they need to continue their travels.

Men started to pack up their stuff. Suddenly one of the men dropped something, it was beautifull and very expensive looking Dagger.

"Whats that?" HH asked.

Man quickly put dagger inside his jacket and said "Nothing, just my knife".

HH said: "show it to me!"

Man started to run, other man looked HH and then his running friend and turned away and started also run towards forest.

HH mumbled: This is nice and good!

Jumped on his horse and went after men.

Older man were quite slow and HH catched him pretty quickly, he draw his sword and swinged old man on the back... man fell down, HH didnt even slow down, he was afraid that other man will get escaped.

HH didnt see him anymore, he stopped horse and tried to listen if he hears any noises... nothing, just horse breathing and wind on the trees.

"Damned, that was nice dagger!"

He went back to older man, old man was bleeding badly and were barely breathing.

HH asked: Who was that younger man?

Older man "It was my son, please dont kill us, we are just..."

HH interrupted him :" I wont kill you, what is your sons name?"

Older man "He is Muradia.."

HH draw his knife and stabbed few times older man on the chest.

He dragged body to fire camp... searched carts if there was anythign intresting, but nope... just some carrots and turnips.

and started to wait his unit to come.

There was other nobles and units coming as well. When they arriwed to camp, HH explained that when he came, he saw 2 men fighting and yonger man to stab few times this older man. Then he runaway to the forest. HH had tried to find him, but no luck... older man is dead.

He heard that younger mans name was something like, Murodia or Muradia. I guess we need to inform law enforcers about this incidents and that Muradia murderman at front of court.

HH started to feel more cheerful, he had done something good. Those men propably were thieves and that older man was old anyway, and would not have many years ahead anyway... It would have been nice to have that dagger... but atleast criminals father was dead.

Roleplay from Hullu Hullu Cosula (6 hours, 14 minutes ago) Message sent to everyone in your realm (24 recipients) HH hears the news that war has ended...

His good mood after saving soul of that old man whos son was criminal were about to end.

"Peace, what crap is this again" he thought. "I heard this realm was all about good old warfare, but now we are at peace... dammit!"

HH started to be restless... and hurry up his men towards Giask.

Roleplay from Hullu Hullu Cosula (5 hours, 25 minutes ago) Message sent to everyone in your realm (24 recipients) HH came to City of Giask. He ordered his men to repair their equipmend and went to tavern where the young beggar woman lived. Her name was Lucia.

Lucia was on her room, she looked quite pretty now that she had cleaned up herself and had new and clean clothes.

HH greeted her and said that he had task for her.

"Go to workers quarter, try to find cheap, not so fancy room. One of the poorest rooms what this city has to offer, old and wet cellar room suit too... most important is that it is on the neighborhood where are poor people. Here is some money to pay forepay."

Lucia was a bit confused, were HH looking new room for her, she liked current one, it was clean and pretty peacefull.

After Lucia left, HH went to spa to take a bath and relax....

Roleplay from Hullu Hullu Cosula (just sent) Message sent to everyone in your realm (24 recipients) HH went to walking at city.

He saw, some people gathered at Academy. He asked whats up here?

People told that general was practicing today and was looking for someone to trainmatch at morning.

HH thought, excellent. I really need to train my swordfighting aswell.. would be nice to see if that man is worth to keep alive...

"Sir. I will gladly train with Sir Kamron!" "I might be young, but i have been trained by good mentors of Atamara, one of the best swordfighters of Tara, let me train with the master?" Academy swordmaster said: "Very well, young man. Come here at morning and we will see you to meet Sir Kamron!"

HH was happy, hah... lets see if that man has any real skills, to fight like man... no tricks, no cheating.

HH went to tournaments, far away from Luria Nova and Giask...

HH entered to city, there was a lot traders and farmers and all kind of people enjoying this event. HH was a bit tired, it was real long march from Giask to get here. He was same time curious and bored, he wanted action...

He stood and watched crowd, didnt notice anybody whom he knows, he knew there is some Lurians as well, but he didnt see any this time... but he spotted young boy, this boy moved like shadow and his fingers were faster than snake when he picked up someones purse. HH followed boy who moved towards side alleys. Boy were counting stolen money at behind stairs on one alley. He scared HH whom suddenly said "Good Day young man!" Boy looked around and evalueted his chanches to escape, those were thin, this young noble would propably catch him if tries to escape.

Boy answered "Good Day sir!, how can i help you?" He tried to sound not so scared, and hoped HH had no clue what he was doing or had done. HH said, "Dont worry young man, i know what you did, but i wont reveal or give you in... If you do me a favor?"

Boy started to feel real nervous... "Sir, what you want me to do?"

HH smiled, he enjoyed to see that uneasy feeling on this little criminal...

"Come with me, show me Inn where i can sleep few nights and i will give you some gold and food..."

Boy said "There is many inns at the city..."

HH said "I would like some peacfull place, mayby even outside the walls..."

Boy said: "I know good place, just follow me..." Boy started to feel a bit more secure, mayby he will getaway from this...

They went outside the walls, HH saw old a bit poor conditioned house where was only 2 rooms and small dinner table at downstairs.

HH asked if there was room available, old keeper said yes, one room is available and another will be later today. HH picked both rooms. Asked boy to carry his stuff to upstairs. He said that he would hope to have total silence rest of the day, so no need for dinner, so if keeper want, he can have free night. Keeper thought, not bad... he could go and visit his cousin and celebrate festivals with him. HH said, no hurry with breakfast either...

HH went to upstairs, boy were sitting on bed and looked HH curiously. HH gave boy some money and told him to get some wine from downstairs before keeper leaves.

Boy went to buy some wine.

HH opened his sacks and bags. He had his toolbox, where he had hand drill, saw, scissors and needles...

He put em under the bed...

Boy came back and said keeper were just about to leave, but he was able to buy some wine...

HH heard how keeper closed outdoor at downstairs, he watched how keeper started to walk towards city...

HH turned around, looked boy... suddenly boy started to be scared again, that young noble looked strange...

HH picked up small club from the desk, boy tried to walk backwards but stumbled and fell down, HH knocked him unconscious.

HH tied boy on chair, took off all his clothes, tied up his mouth. He had small vise, which he placed on boys knees and tighten it just enough, so it would stay attached. He cut off his hair... boy started to wake up. He was scared, he was very scared.

It was long night for the boy. HH tortured him 9 hours, before boy died. His fingers were ripped off, joint by joint. Knees were crushed slovly with vise. His ears were cut off, eye pierced by needle...

Sun was about to rise, HH thought, "Hardy little fellow he was..." He sawwed off his limbs and backed him to sack. Cleaned carefully all the blood and guts from the floor. Picked up sack and went outside. He saw shovel on back yard, picked it up and started to walk towards forest otherside of the field. He found good place to bury the boy. He buried boy carefully and covered all the digging marks. And went back to Inn. Rechecked that all the mess was cleaned up, burnt all bloody clothes on fireplace. Took last sip of wine and took few hours nap before going back to city. Just before he fell on sleep he thought... "Whadda great and pleasant night..."

Rage quitted HH after i got few vulgar reports... so here is the last RP, outside the game thought...

HH went to city, bought beautifull tightpants and feather hat. Then he went to castle and sit with King Arthur and Lancelot and they were singing chivalric songs until they died on their old age.