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East Pastureland

Morek-icon.png Huanghai

From the great rice terraces to the eastern shores, Huanghai is a plentiful farming community. Because of the region's food production potential, it has been considered highly acclaimed region. Its main staple, rice, is produced in many. The region still manages exports while supporting itself. The vast granaries produce food to feed itself and other regions through trade. Fishing communities dot the shores, although not as plentiful as the rice staples, supply a good portion nonetheless.

The majority of the Huanghaian people live in simple farm communities. The houses are made from mostly of duab and thatched roofs. Houses made with timber are rare, as the vast grassland lack trees for construction. The nobility live more lavishly than the peasants, but the houses are made essentially of more refined construction blocks of the same materials. The single town is known for its Korio Karr Square, sporting a statue of its defender, killed in battle in the spring of the ninth year of Dwilight.

A big part of Huanghai's economy is also taken with providing the army with food and shelter. Even though the area itself is generally free from foul beasts, the proximity to three border regions make it a central rallying ground.

Morek-icon.png History

When Viscount Vesuvis Adriddae left to help found the colony of Aquilegia, he took one of his knights with him and, as the only remaining claimant, Benjen Stark became the new Lord in the winter of the 5th year. Unfortunately, Viscount Stark could not recruit any knights and the region was difficult to control. Eventually, at the end of spring of the same year, Viscount Stark along with two other nobles of Morek were taken away by a mysterious plague. He was replaced by Pierre von Genf, who later abdicated in favor of his knight Krain Marrs.

Morek-icon.png Troops

  • Hua Zealots - Infantry

Morek-icon.png Local Commodities

A commodity of the region is the local silk, made from the notorious Ang Caterpillar. The worm, however, is slow producing its fine silk and thus, cannot be massed produced. The silk robes are usually colored with dyes to add a dash. The color of lime green in particular is very popular, but rarer colors, such as scarlet, are reserved for the nobility.