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The Horde of Honor is a religion with a focus in Lukon, but found its start in Narrowdep.

Its ideals are Honor, Loyalty, Dedication and a consciousness of Service toward those things around you.

While the focus is in the Lukon friendly areas (the kingdoms of Lukon and by extension Oritolon, should they choose), it's not meant to be a "Lukon exclusive club". Any who share those ideals and are friendly toward them are welcome.

This is a work in progress, and as such may be expected to change and expand as more is discovered and evolved.


The simple explanation of this tenet is to be truthful as much as possible, and keep your word.

Aspects of Honor

Honor should be "kingdom independent".. This means that if you are of one kingdom, and you have someone from an opposing kingdom, that you don't take that as an opportunity to lie or cheat or steal from them. Honor should be shown as one man or woman to another.

This does not conflict with having enemies as if you are being Honorable and they are not, then it is not your fault for what befalls them afterwards, as your adherence to this ideal will mean you were the better person for it (win or lose).

More later...


This involves Loyalty to yourself, your family, your leadership and finally your kingdom... and in that order.

Should you adhere to the tenets of Honor, this "supposedly backwards loyalty" won't matter, because if you do all things honorably, then no man or woman through that chain of Loyalty can fault you.


Dedication emerges from the adherance to the first two tenets. Honor of action and intent and Loyalty of spirit will grow a sense of Dedication toward what needs be done and the endurance to see whatever is required to be done to completion.


Growing from Dedication is the wish to be of service to those around you and those who don't know they need you yet. Whether it is to help rebuild a damaged barn or staying true to your kingdom's army to defend itself and its interests, no "sense of service" is too low to someone who wishes to be of assistance. This holds true so long as it's an endeavor that is truly toward the good of all in the long run, and not a punishment or self-chastising effort.

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