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This page is part of the context-sensitive in-game help. If you want to contribute to it, please read the Writing Help Pages‎ page first, because the style for these help pages differs from the rest of the wiki.

Religions in BattleMaster are entirely player-defined. They work very much like guilds and reading the help on guilds is recommended.

All religions also share one desire: To convert as many people to their belief as possible, especially in any regions where the religion has built a temple, because temples can only be sustained by having followers.

A word on real-life religions: Please do keep real-life religions out of this game. Religion is a sensitive topic for many people and the best way to deal with this in games is to steer clear of it. Use ideas and concepts from real-life religions, but do change the names so they are neither identical to nor closely resemble names of religions, gods or prophets of any real-life religion.


Different from guilds, religions have an opinion about other religions. Elder members of a religion can change those views at any time, but doing so will often result in a loss of followers and will thus not happen very often.

  • ignore - The default view on other religions is one of neutral ignorance. There simply is no official view on the other religion.
  • variant - Your religion considers the other one to be essentially a variation of yours. There are differences, sure, but essentially the others believe the same thing as you do.
  • misguided - The poor misguided fools. If only they would understand, if only they would open their eyes...
  • evil - Followers of evil gods, they should be exterminated! Your religion considers them officially evil. Usually, that means they should be killed to save their souls or at least prevent their taint from spreading any further.


Religions recruit followers by having temples in a region and by having priest characters actively convert people.

The interesting part of this is that people can only believe in one religion at a time, so any converts will have to be converted from some other religion...

Religions and Politics

The faith of regional lords affects their people, and once a local lord is a member of a religious order, he will receive a few options to support his faith, most importantly the persecution of those religions which his own faith considers evil.

Realms can have an official state religion, which will affect morale in all regions depending on how many of its people belief in the official religion. While in most cases having a state religion is beneficial, the spread of a new religion can damage those benefits, and diplomacy can be more difficult, e.g. an alliance with a realm whose state religion is one considered evil by yours will not be possible without significant civil unrest.

Temple Functions

The majority of the actions that can be performed in a temple are identical to those available in a guildhouse. Refer to the Guilds help page for more information.

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