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BattleMaster uses a variation of the Borda Count voting system. This system is very easy to understand, yet fairer and more versatile than the more common single vote system.

Instead of one vote for one candidate, you can choose up to three candidates, in order of preference (your first candidate will receive the most points from your vote).

On election day, all the calculations are done by the game engine, so you don't have to worry about any of the math. But here are the details if you want to know how it works:

  • First, your maximum vote is calculated. This depends on the government system. In a monarchy, it's your prestige rating. In a democracy or tyranny, it is 4 for everyone. In a republic, it's 20 for city commanders and 4 for everyone else.
  • Now your first candidate gets as many votes as your maximum vote score. Your second candidate gets half that, your third half again (that's why the value is 4 above, so it can be calculated nicely). If you vote for yourself or any member of your family, your votes are halved. All fractions are rounded mathematically, but it is always at least 1 vote (e.g. voting for yourself third slot in a monarchy means 1 vote for yourself, not one-eighths).

Note that you can not vote for people with less than 5 prestige unless your realm has broken down into anarchy. You can vote for people with 5-10 prestige, even though they might not be eligible. You can even vote for people who refuse rulership. After all, they might change their mind or their prestige might rise until election day. But if it doesn't, your vote is wasted.

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