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Good names are essential for maintaining the atmosphere of the game. Good names allow the players to immerse themselves into the game, and help improve the experience for everyone. Names which fall outside the acceptable rules of the game detract from the immersion and reduce the quality of the game as a whole. Names that are too far outside of the limits can result in actions being taken by the Titans (the "gamemasters"), such as deportation, or even character deletion if the name is judged offensive or in extremely bad taste. This is more strictly enforced on the island of Dwilight, where the Serious Medieval Atmosphere rules are in effect.

What is a good name? Essentially, every name that allows for suspension of disbelief is good. Every name that makes the average person go "What? Nobody would seriously have that as their real name!" is bad.

This includes spelling and capitalisation, as well. Not only the avoidance of using any capital letters at all, but also their over use, as well as the use of special characters and over use of accented letters. Your family name is especially important, as it is used with all of your characters characters. You can always delete a character that's called "KingKong", but if your family name is "of the big apes", you will, for example, never be able to play on Dwilight at all.

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