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Recruitment Centers

A recruitment center is the place where soldiers for the realm sign up for duty and receive their equipment and initial training. In other words, they are the basic infrastructure that supplies the realm with soldiers. The size of a recruitment center indicates how many soldiers it can supply. A size one center can recruit up to 5 soldiers per day and keep 25 ready for duty. Each additional size doubles the ready-for-duty limit and raises the recruitment ability by 5. So a size 3 center can recruit up to 15 soldiers a day and keep 100 ready for duty at any time. Elite troops (high training and/or equipment values) will recruit slower than simple militia troops. Also, the numbers for cavalry are half these, the numbers for special forces just one quarter. So an elite special forces center may train as little as 3 or 4 new recruits a day.

Building a recruitment center means building the physical building, then looking for trainers, smiths, leatherworkers and other necessities. That means the training and equipment values the center offers are a matter of opportunity and chance. The more centers you already have in the region the less the chance that you find good trainers and craftsmen for the next one. All recruitment centers are initially size one. When building a center, you can try to go for a specific type, or you can build whatever is available. In the later case, you will always find something. If you want a specific type, you risk building a center but not finding any trainers or craftsmen, in which case you end up with a useless center.

It costs the size number in gold coins to maintain recruitment centers, so if you have one size 2 and one size 1 center, you will pay 3 gold coins per day for maintenance. Tearing down a recruitment center costs 25 gold.

Note that soldiers get recruited from the local population. You should be careful not to open too many recruitment centers in small regions, or you may end up depopulating it.

Workshops and Guilds

These buildings provide the realm with paraphernalia, also called extras, to buy. The more of them you concentrate in a single region, the more expensive building additional ones becomes.