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A duel of honour is a one-on-one fight between two characters, usually fought for slights of honour.

Contrary from real life, challenges in BattleMaster can be refused with no ill effect.

Types of Duels

There are two ways to fight a duel: Till surrender or till death.

When fought till surrender, the duel will end when one participant is unfit to fight, or gives up. Usually, that means he will be lightly wounded, but occasionally serious wounds happen.

A duel till death is fought until one opponent is on the ground and makes no moves to stand up again. That is usually death as honour requires the participants to continue fighting as long as they can. However, sometimes a serious wound causes unconsciousness, and honour likewise dictates that a helpless opponent not be murdered in cold blood.


Duels are decided by two factors: Swordfighting skill and strategy.

There are five strategies, with the two advanced strategies only available to characters with some swordfighting skill. Depending on the strategies choosen by the two participants, one of them may have a tactical advantage during the duel, which gives him a bonus on the swordfighting test. Even with advantage, however, beating someone with a much higher skill level is unlikely.

If both participants choose the same strategy, neither will get an advantage.

An offensive fighting style. Gives advantage against the neutral and trick moves strategies.
Receiving the opponent and acting carefully. Gives advantage against the aggressive and overrun strategies.
A balanced fighting style. Gives advantage against the defensive and the trick moves strategies.
An advanced and even more aggressive style, giving advantage against the neutral and aggressive strategies.
Trick Moves 
Advanced skill-and-trickery style, gives advantage against the defensive and the overrun strategies.